Buy a Golf, get a GoPro (US only)

The Mk7 Golf GTI is still quite new Stateside and in a bid to entice buyers even more, Volkswagen are giving away a GoPro camera with every car bought before the 30th June. To celebrate this the clever bods at the VW advertising department have come up with an absolute cracker of an advert.

golf gti 3

The add features a certain Tanner Foust, he of racing, TopGear USA, and general hooning fame taking the Mk7 for a spirited drive with multiple GoPro’s attached, the videos fully interactive too so you can chose which camera angle to watch the chaos from. Being American the ad-men are quite keen to point out that fitting a million GoPro’s to your Golf and driving it like you stole it isn’t exactly legal, so just to reiterate, please don’t try to do this down your local Tesco car park!

golf gti 1

Source: Volkswagen Media US

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