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Can anyone hire a lawyer for a bicycle accident? 

First Steps

In California, there are several options a person has when involved in an injury, but what legal counsel the person will seek after their bicycle accident is secondary to obtaining a record of the crash as it took place. Professional lawyers in California who specialize in bicycle-car accident cases take on the burden of representing the person who has faith that the lawyer can represent his bicycle accident case. There is little mention of whether the person is a legal citizen, US citizen, young or old, they can still approach a lawyer for legal counsel after being in a bicycle-car accident.

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First Things First

A bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles specializing in bicycle accidents recommends these steps at the time of the crash. First, if possible, get to a safe place free from any further harm and contact the police. A police report is vital in being represented by a personal injury lawyer in the State of California. Putting down all the information you can remember is critical at this time. Once the police arrive, make sure every aspect of the accident is written and documented. Trying to recollect what happened several months down the road is very difficult at the time. Every detail recalled at the time of the accident is crucial for a successful case by the lawyer. Are there any witnesses? Write down the names of people who observed the crash. If possible, write down contact numbers and insurance information for the person who caused the accident. West Coast Trial Lawyers will use all of the information you give to them to defend your court case.

Assess your Injuries

If necessary, see yourself to the hospital to get a checkup if there are serious injuries. If you cannot drive and if there are witnesses, have someone calls an ambulance. If no one is present than yourself, wait for the police to arrive and have them help you to receive medical attention. Having a doctor’s report of your injuries will also be necessary if your case will go to court. In short, every documentation by a professional will be used by West Coast Trial Lawyers to help defend your case. Do not walk off before the police get to the scene of the accident. Try to keep the person who caused the accident from driving away and obtain the car description and the license number so that the police can identify them. Leaving the scene of an accident may forfeit you’re able to be represented by a lawyer. By not having a police report, the lawyer will not have any documentation to serve you in a legal case.

Taking Photographs

An essential aspect of your case will be in the amount of documentation you have for the lawyer you choose. If you have a smartphone take as many photos as possible. Take several pictures of the extent of the damages of your bicycle. Where there skid marks from your bike? If you were pushed off the road, try to obtain a picture of skid marks, since these will not be available if it rains and is washed away. Later, when visiting a hospital take photographs of your soiled garments and other vivid picture which can be used as evidence of the extent of the injuries to yourself or your property.

Keeping a Journal

Keep a journal of your injuries from the time of your accident until you meet with your bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Your injury lawyer will want to know how your injuries progressed from the time of your accident until you have exited your case being settled. A personal injury lawyer will ask if you have any documentation about your injuries.

Seeking Legal Representation

Now it is time to seek a lawyer who can represent your case. Depending upon your age, the lawyer-client privilege will still hold. Anyone can approach a lawyer for legal counsel. California lawyers take on cases without considering whether the person seeking help can pay for their services or not. 90% of bicycle accidents occur because of a crash with a car, and only 13% occur because of some fault because of street defects, animals running in front of bicycles, or bicycle failure. You and your lawyer can discuss all of these details after you decide upon one. As mentioned earlier, most lawyers work under the assumption that most people cannot afford a lawyer. In cases where their clients cannot provide their services, they have a no-fee promise. A no-fee guarantee means the lawyer will not charge you unless they win your case. If they win your case, they will ask for a recoup of their fees from money the case won.

Other Expenses Covered

Besides any information from police, doctors, and witnesses, there are other expenses that West Coast Trial Lawyers will need from a person in a bicycle accident. For example, if you had to miss work, receive ongoing treatment for your injuries, miss vocational training, or school, this will need to be kept in your journal that you began on the first day of your injury. It may be a good reason to get copies of your notebook as well since losing your notebook will mean all of your documentation will have been lost. When the police arrived at the scene of your bicycle collision, did you receive any ambulance help? What is your present state of health at present? Are you emotionally able to ride on a bike again, or do you have emotional fears and anxieties? Lastly, has your accident caused any undue stress on your family?

Your Full Cooperation

After you have found a lawyer you are comfortable with then, you can share with your lawyer who will represent you legally in a court of law. If you are a minor, that does not take away the client-lawyer privilege, which means what you tell your lawyer will remain under the privilege between you and your lawyer, unless you give your lawyer permission to share with your parents. In that case, your lawyer can provide what information you want your lawyer to share. This same privilege is shared across all ages between the lawyer and his client.

Your Decision

A court can appoint you a lawyer. You can decide how you want to work with a lawyer. Talk with the lawyer and see if they will represent you regardless of your financial inability to pay them upfront. However, by allowing the court to select you, a lawyer will mean you will depend upon the court to give you a lawyer who may or may not be an expert lawyer in regards to bicycle accidents. In the end, it is up to you to choose who you want to be represented by and whom you feel comfortable within sharing your bicycle accident so the lawyer can adequately represent your case.

Consider Your Damages Carefully

Your choice may or may not mean you will gain costs for your injuries and losses. Consider getting the best lawyer for your case. Having the best lawyer to represent your case will give you more chances of obtaining the damages from your injuries and expenses. The fact that you do not have money to pay the upfront only means you can accept this unique help the lawyer offers to you. By working with the best lawyer, you can ensure that you have a better chance of a better representation of your case if you need to go to court.

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