Can autonomous cars have a place in the future of racing?

Over the past few years, there has been a number of news articles outlining some of the biggest car manufactures in the world, who are trialling the production of autonomous vehicles. The thought of a self-driving car can be quite scary to imagine and in ways, an impossible task. Only a few years ago we wouldn’t have even imagined cars would be able to park or brake by themselves; but that is now a reality for many models, meaning the thought of autonomous vehicles shouldn’t be overlooked.

The prospect of autonomous vehicles is becoming more and more realistic, but what if they weren’t just created for everyday use? What if car manufactures created autonomous vehicles for the race track? LeaseCar UK have created 6 images which allow us to gage an idea of what some of the world’s best known cars would look like, if they were transformed into #AutonomousRacing vehicles. For any racing fans, you’ll know the general design of a racing car and the manufacturers who create vehicles suitable for the track; but here we can experience some well-known names such as Ferrari, BMW and Bugatti and potentially what some of their autonomous racing vehicles would look like.

What can we expect from #AutonomousRacing cars?

The most noticeable difference with autonomous racing vehicles compared to the models used in today’s sport, is the absence of a driver. With this in mind, the cars have been designed to deliver a more aerodynamic appearance, making them more sleek and effective on the race track. With no driver controlling the car, this also makes the indicators and windscreen wipers redundant. Although racing cars today don’t necessarily use indicators, they do use windscreen wipers, so you can start to understand the difference in both models.

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One of the main areas the manufacturers will want to remain the same with any model they create, autonomous or not; is the trademark designs of the vehicles. If a car was stripped of its branding and put in front of you, the chances are you’d be able to recognise the manufacturer. No matter how much the industry and technology changes, the design of any car will also remain similar. For example, BMW uses its distinctive grills above the bumper on all of its models and as you can see from the BMW autonomous racing vehicle, the grills have been used as well; enabling you to identify it was created by the German car giant.

Are autonomous vehicles making their way onto the race track?

If this is the case then it’s highly unlikely it will be within the coming years. Manufacturers who create racing cars will more than likely make the move, once a self-driving car has been created and trialled for everyday use. As we can all imagine, the process from start to finish for creating an autonomous vehicle will be a lengthy process but with technology constantly evolving, the possibility of self-driving cars on our roads and race tracks may not be as far away as we may think.

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