Can The Smell In Your Car Affect The Way You Drive?

As a proud car owner you always want to be driving with a relaxed state of mind. You want your car to be clean and comfortable; you want to turn heads for all the right reasons. If your car lacks maintenance, it starts to produce some weird odors which cause great discomfort and affect the way you drive.

A clean car is an inviting ride, and if it smells divine, you’ll be surprised at the amount of time you spend just driving around. Let’s take a look at the different smells you could experience in your car and how they can affect your driving.

Gasoline Smell

As a good driver, you need to be aware of the different smells around you as you drive. Gasoline is very sensitive. To most people, the smell is sickening; it might cause nausea or dizziness. A number of reasons may cause this gasoline smell, with the most serious being a leak in the car’s fuel system. It is imperative to immediately park your vehicle and check if there are any recognizable leaks because if ignored, fatal accidents may occur, such as an explosion. You can look at the suggestions here to get rid of the odor if you are sure it is not a leak.

Burned Carpet Smell

From time to time, your car needs maintenance, and you may need to change some parts for new ones. If you smell a burning carpet, it’s your car brakes overheating. This may be due to hard braking, maybe going downhill, but in any normal circumstance that smell shouldn’t be there. If the smell is recurring, then your brakes need to be changed for sure. Slow down until you get to a workshop and get those brakes replaced.

Ford Focus RS 2017 PH 1

Sweet Sugary Smell

Now we know after a stop at the store, that sweet smell of barbeque tacos on the Aldi ad this week or the Ooey gooey rolls from Cinnabon can make you want to rush and get home quickly so you can dig in, but, be careful. Sometimes that sweet whiff may not be your lovely meal or dessert, but leaking coolant. This is a toxic and dangerous situation; your radiator could have a hole, your gasket could have blown, or there could be a problem with the water pump or expansion tank. Your car can easily overheat and seize. It’s best to head over to an expert if you suspect a coolant leak.

Rotten Eggs Smell

Could it be possible that you forgot a lunch bag with an egg sandwich in your trunk? Maybe, but that smell is usually associated with the catalytic converter in your exhaust system. That smell could be hydrogen sulfide, which the converter usually turns into sulfur dioxide that is odorless. Head straight to a garage because hydrogen sulfide is extremely toxic and highly flammable. Replacing a catalytic converter is pricey, but you may be fortunate to have it covered under warranty.


As you are driving, be aware of the odors your vehicle is omitting. If your car is in tip-top condition, there shouldn’t be any smell at all except your cologne or those fantastic car fresheners or your lunch!

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