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Car AC Not Cooling? Possible Problems And Solutions

One of the most enjoyable car luxuries is storming in your car from the sharp sunny heat and hitting the magical AC button to get that sweet hit of cool air. Sometimes you keep waiting in anticipation for that hit and for the heat to slowly dissipate, instead, you are greeted with a punch of warm air which feels like a beating of betrayal. Such an incident can leave even the best of us with a frustrated gasp of horror.

If you are facing this dilemma, it’s best to be aware of the most common problems which might have caused this to happen and your best options to fix it.

#1 Electrical Issues


Heat has serious negative impacts on electrical systems. It’s a common thing in maximum vehicles these days. Hot states which experience 70F temperatures in summers result in quick car heat-ups, and the electrical wires getting hot enough to cause a short circuit in the internal wiring.


In a short circuit, experts will analyze the area where the wire has been shot, seal it with an electricity resistant tape, and join the other end with the connecting wire.

#2 Leaking Refrigerant


A popular cause for your AC not cooling is a possible leakage in your car’s refrigerant. The refrigerant keeps your cabin cool. Low refrigerant could be due to causes like loose connections, old hoses, or the simple escape of refrigerant over time. An accident can also damage the car hoses.


The most common solution is to detect the integrity of the hose connections. Compromised hoses can be recognized by identifying an oily substance that gathers around the hose, which indicates leakage in the refrigerant.

#3 Blocked Or Broken Condenser


The condenser is a radiator positioned between the car’s grille and the engine cooling radiator. Condensers might be blocked, mostly from contaminants like leaves, insects, debris, or dust. If there doesn’t appear to be anything blocking the condenser, it may even be broken.


Condensor blockage is easy to identify and it can be cleaned by removing any blockage with water, light air pressure, brush, soap, or cleaning spray cans. It may be a combination of these to get the best results.

On the other hand, a broken condenser can be caused by a puncture from road debris going through the grille of your car and damaging the condenser. It will need to be replaced in such a case.

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#4 Faulty Cooling Fans


Your cooling fans blower vents might be blocked, which may restrict the AC cooling. Cooling fan motors and the cooling fan blades work together to pull air through the radiator. If the motor fails, the blades will not be able to spin or generate airflow. The cooling fan motors might have burned out or failed, and the cooling fans might be disabled.


Replacing the motors or cleaning the air blowers.

#5 Malfunctioning Compressor


The compressor keeps the AC running and the refringent circulating properly. Compressors have many components, and anyone of them may be causing a problem: capacitors, valves, start relays, terminal connections. Also, the non-usage of the AC can lead to this problem.


The compressor is a sophisticated part and a specialist in reliable a/c compressor repair will check all the potential problematic components of your compressor and rule them out one after the other, till the issue is found. Also, regular usage of the AC can help avoid such compressor issues.

#6 Clogged Cabin Air Filter


Your air filter continuously keeps out the contaminants from entering your car’s system. This filtration may eventually lead it to get blocked. An excessively contaminated cabin air filter will not be able to filter the incoming air and lead to a non-functioning AC.


The cabin filter can be cleaned or replaced with a new one.


These are the most common problems you will encounter whenever you run into air-conditioner problems for your car. Keep an eye out for these problems and solutions to ensure you can quickly get back to having a chiller-on-wheels.

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