Car Accessories You Should Get for Your New Ride

Accidents happen, but you can prepare for them by equipping yourself with the necessary tools and skills to deal with unexpected events. The road is a safer place for those who come prepared.

Whether it’s a flat tire or a minor accident, don’t be caught without these accessories to help you get out of a sticky situation safely.

Blind-Spot Mirrors

The first thing many drivers add to their new car is blind-spot mirrors. They’re a valuable accessory for preventing accidents and making parallel parkings much easier. Blind-spot mirrors help drivers get a view of their car’s rear tires and the curb so they can park properly. They also help with keeping track of other vehicles when switching lanes.

Some drivers also add one on their front mirror to get a view of the back seat. Parents find this especially useful to check on their kids while driving.

Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras (or dash cams) are more than just for recording scenic views during your drive. They are a security tool that can help you during tough situations, useful in determining the one at fault.

The road isn’t such a friendly place. There are people who will cause trouble to extort your money, but your dash cam can take a video evidence to prove your innocence. Moreover, you may finally be able to perfect parallel parking with its help. If you’re not convinced yet, here are several reasons you need a dash cam now.

License Plate Frame

License plates are one of the first casualties of bad parking accidents. They get bent and broken easily since they are made of a thin piece of metal. It’s illegal to drive a car without a tag. You will have to replace a broken plate immediately once it breaks.

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A single plate replacement will cost about $6, plus a sticker for $20. The prices may vary depending on the state where you belong. While it’s not that expensive to change a broken license plate, it’s best to prepare for bumping accidents and to protect your plate with a durable carbon fiber license plate frame to avoid the hassle of getting a replacement.

USB Car Charger

A smartphone can be the most convenient partner when you’re on the road. You can use it to locate your destination while driving and to play music so you’ll never get bored. Unfortunately, these functions can eat up your battery, especially if your have them on at the same time.

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You don’t want a dead smartphone when you’re travelling. Having a USB car charger can solve this problem. Just plug in your smartphone and enjoy the ride without worrying about your phone’s battery life.

Smartphone Mount

Every year, 390,000 injuries occur because of accidents caused by texting and driving, says the National Safety Council. In fact, it named texting and driving as a more likely cause of a car accident than drunk driving is.

A responsible driver knows not to risk their own safety and the lives of others by texting or using their phone while driving. Still, there are instances when you have to consult your phone for a map or to check the traffic situation in an area.

A smartphone mount is what you need to use your phone hands-free. It keeps your phone within your field of vision so you can check the directions while concentrating on your driving.

Flat-Tire Fixer Spray

A flat tire is not only frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. When you can’t afford to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, a flat-tire spray can be a lifesaver. Just spray it over the hole in your tire, and wait for it to inflate and seal the hole. It can keep your tire running and avoid damage on your rims until you are in a safer place to change your tire.

Don’t just depend on your tire replacement; always have a flat-tire fixer spray in your car.

Portable Battery Jump Starter

Here’s another accessory that you need to have in your car at all times. Batteries don’t require as much maintenance as other car components. As long as you keep track of how long you’ve used your car battery and you change it when the time comes, then you shouldn’t encounter problems with it.

However, nobody can really predict when their battery decides to act up. Don’t be caught with a dead car battery on a busy road. Always carry a portable battery jump starter. You can restart your battery even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

If your car battery keeps dying, though, you may be doing something wrong. To be sure, check with your mechanic to determine the problem and find a solution.

Seat Cushion

Long drives are punishing to your bottom. An ergonomic seat cushion can ease away the pain and help you have a comfortable trip. Sitting down all day can ruin your posture and cause damage to your body.

An ergonomic seat cushion is not only for your comfort, but also for your posture. Maintaining good posture even while sitting can reduce the risk of back pain and help keep your body healthy.

Car-Seat Organizer

Snacking emergencies always occur when you’re on a long drive. You may be starving for hours if you depend on drive-throughs. Always pack edibles when you’re going on a trip.

If you’re worried about it attracting ants and other bugs, keep your snacks from their grubby hands in a secure car-seat organizer. You can get one that’s insulated so you can enjoy a cold drink along the road.

Car-seat organizers are not just for storing food. You can keep utensils, toiletries, and a first aid kit inside. This way, you won’t need to turn the car upside down to find what you need.

Quick Stain Remover

If you eat or drink in your car, there’s bound to be a mess or spill sooner or later. Don’t panic just yet. A good rinse-free stain remover can help you quickly get rid of different stains so you don’t have to pay exorbitant dry-cleaning fees.

Check the ingredient before you buy one. Some chemicals are not safe for people and/or car materials. A safer alternative for you is to create your own car cleaner using common household materials.

Final Word

 Emergencies are inevitable when you’re on the road. You may not be able stop them, but you can prepare for them. This list of car accessories will not only help you deal with unexpected situations while you’re on the road but will also make your driving smoother and enjoyable.

If you never have to use some of the items on the list, good for you. But never be caught unprepared when emergencies occur.

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