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Car Analytics Ltd: The Best UK Vehicle History Checking Company 2020 

A leading and renowned automotive business that is based in the UK, Car Analytics provides its clients with a range of car and vehicle related services, in addition to a completely free vehicle check. So although ‘low cost’ or ‘economical’ might describe the price range of their services, it’s more accurate to say they are the first company of its kind, in this market, to be recognised for their entirely free vehicle data check.

Car Analytics was established in 2018, November, and has aimed from the outset to provide car data checks at the lowest possible prices, within a competitive market, to facilitate the data checking process for automotive enthusiasts.

An even more notable accomplishment, however, is that Car Analytics has even received Best vehicle history checking service award 2020 from the Small and Medium Enterprise News, which validated their hard work and epitomises everything that they have been diligently working towards over the past two years.

Which Services Does Car Analytics Provide?

Car Analytics provides various services. The first is a free check, which includes details such as the MOT history, tax status and vehicle age. The thing to know about this service is that the price is exactly what it says in the name – it is entirely free. The free vehicle check is simple to use and gives you the details you require in an instant. Simply enter provide your registration number to receive the free vehicle report.

The company also provides a range of other services including two other main products. As well as the basic report, which costs £1.99, the comprehensive, full history report is also an option to their clients and costs £8.95 – which is the lowest price in the UK for a single detailed check. Both of these services provide Car Analytics’ clients with the in-depth information and reports that they require for their chosen used vehicle, before they take it onto UK roads.

Added to the full car history report service, returning customers to Car Analytics can benefit from further checks at the reduced price of £6.99.

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The information and reports are extracted from various trusted and reliable third-party sources. What this means is that, once they have checked their vehicle, Car Analytics’ clients can drive away straight away with the peace of mind that their car is roadworthy and safe to drive.

And their instant vehicle check reports are available online, which can be accessed at the click of a button, so they are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Providing vehicle history checks and reports, however, is just one of Car Analytics’ services as, in addition to all of the expected information, they also provide their clients with eight valuations – ranging from the dealer forecourt price to the trade-in valuation. Car Analytics even provides their customers with their chosen vehicle’s mileage details from a range of reliable sources, so they can ensure that their chosen vehicle’s mileage has not been clocked.

Getting detailed advice on your next MOT is simple with Car Analytics. With Car Analytics’ MOT advisory service, no time is wasted searching and the process is hassle-free. Read more.

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