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Car Shipping: Is It Worth It?

Wonder what car shipping is all about and why people even need it? Well, it’s all easier than you might think. Car shipping is among the services defined as win-win options. Having found the best company to ship a car, you shift all the duties while paying less! How so? Let’s find it out.

Defining Car Shipping

What car shipping essentially is? It’s a process of transporting your car from point A to point B, where you don’t actually drive it. All the transportation is done by special car transporters. Sounds simple yet, right? But in reality, it’s simple just for you – the customer. Car shipping is a complex area that involves specialized trucks, trailers, and professional drivers who have mastered the ins & outs of transporting vehicles safely and efficiently.

You might have seen giant trucks loaded with cars – that’s what we’re talking about. These trucks (or carriers) come in various shapes, sizes, and purposes. But they all have a thing in common – they transport vehicles securely and efficiently.

The process itself can be divided into 3 phases:

  • You fill out the order details.
  • A shipping company loads your car.
  • The company delivers it to the destination place.

While the process has a bit in between, you get a rough idea of it.

Reasons For Car Shipping

At this point, you might still wonder why you can’t do it by yourself, saving some bucks. Well, here’s why:

  • Saving money: Money is the first that people usually worry about. Why spend more for no reason, right? Driving your car on your own comes with side costs that you might not even expect (from basic fuel and missing working days to repair costs). A car shipping service is where a certain number of car owners share the carrier for the trip, so all of them pay less for transportation. Just like with a taxi – you share the costs!
  • Long-distance moves: Assume you’re moving across the country, and you have a ton of stuff to pack, plan, and worry about. The last thing you want to do is spend days on the road driving your car to your new home. A professional car shipping company takes the job, so you ease your head a bit.
  • Purchasing a vehicle from a distant location: Found your dream car online, but it’s hundreds or even thousands of miles away? Not a big deal anymore! A car shipping service will transport your new ride straight to your doorstep.
  • Car dealerships and manufacturers: Car-related businessmen sometimes need to move their fleets from factories to showrooms and sometimes even between dealerships. Car shipping makes that happen more efficiently.
  • Shipping classic or luxury cars: Own a 4-wheel beauty that costs 6+ digits? Unlikely you wanna stress it out on some highways during harsh weather. Luxury vehicles require a luxury approach, which is what enclosed transportation offers to you.

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Types Of Car Shipping Services

As you see, car shipping is too good to ignore. And while all the job lies on the service, you still have to arrange the shipping details. Some points, like shipping destinations or insurance, are fully up to you. No extra info is needed. But you want to know more about types of shipping carriers and how to choose between them:

Open carrier transport: Open carriers are the golden mean between price and security. They provide basic protection, but your car might still be exposed to weather elements. Reputable car shipping companies take weather into consideration while planning the route, so it’s not a big deal.

Enclosed carrier transport: But again, if you have a luxury ride, you don’t want to guess and worry, as even the slightest scratch can hit your wallet. Enclosed carriers provide full protection from all sides but come with extra costs.

Door-to-door service: Want the ultimate convenience? Door-to-door service picks up and drops off your car right at your specified locations. No need to drive to a depot or worry about any extra legwork. Just make sure your locations of choice are accessible for the carrier. After all, the carrier is a pretty big boy.

Terminal-to-terminal service: If you’re looking to save some cash and don’t mind a little extra effort, terminal-to-terminal shipping has your back. You’ll drop off your car at a designated location, and it’ll be transported to another terminal near your destination for you to pick up.

In conclusion, the car shipping industry keeps growing for a reason. It simply gives customers a worry-free experience and, at the same time, saves them some bucks. Car shipping is a complete no-brainer in certain situations, like a cross-country ride or moving a luxury car. Using these services is not a must, but it’s worth looking into them.

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