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Car Shipping New York to Florida: what you need to know

Are you one of the many people who decided this year to move in the warmest areas? Florida, maybe?

Great decision! Now you are in a dilemma about how to start the moving process.

I know that moving to another place can be stressful, and requires a lot of dedication and organization.

When my family and I decide to move to California, I was in chaos.

We brought the decision quickly, but we were all tired of the moving process, and we were eager to finish it.

We decided that we wanted to fly to California, instead of driving thousands of kilometers with our car. Moreover, this is another excellent decision. I started to look one of the nationwide car shipping from New York to Florida companies right away. I didn’t know anything about car shipping, and I spend a lot of time searching for the right company to ship my car.

Because I know how stressful it is to move, and you certainly do not have much time to sit and search for how to ship your vehicle, so I made this post to make it easier for you to research your car shipping.

Car shipping options

Transportation companies provide two shipping options for your car. For the choice to be easier for you, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both transport options.

Open auto transportation

Тhe name of this option itself tells the mode of transport. The trucks are transported to a truck with a trailer that is open.

Usually, they are transported in several vehicles at the same time, usually 3 to 10 cars. The cars are safely placed to avoid vibration or slipping of the car from the trailer.

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The advantage of this kind of car shipping is the price. The price is lower than the other type of transportation carts.

The lack of open auto transportation is that vehicles are exposed to weather, such as sun, wind, rain, can do some damage to the vehicle.

Enclosed auto transportation

Enclosed car transporting is the best option for those who have a new or expensive vehicle. The shipping is on a closed trailer, and it’s a way to avoid the damages that weather can do to your car. It is a little more expensive compared with open auto transportation, that is the negative part, but if you want the highest protection of your vehicle than this option might be the best for you. Enclosed auto transportation usually transport from 2 to 6 vehicles at the same time.

Car shipping from New York to Florida Price

The price of car shipping from New York to Florida depends on several factors. But I would advise when choosing a company, do not decide according to the price. The low price is not always the best idea.

The price depending on these several car shipping types:

Terminal- to- terminal car shipping

This is an option that you can choose when you make a deal with a shipping company.

Terminal-to-terminal means that you are driving your car to the terminal near to you, and then you can pick up your vehicle to the terminal close to the delivery point.

The advantage of this option is the lower price. But the negativity is that you will have to drive a certain distance to leave the vehicle, and then again to the terminal to get it. In my opinion, it’s a waste of time. But if you can not take the vehicle yourself to a terminal, you can hire a company to tow the vehicle to the starting point of the shipping.

Car shipping optionsDoor-to-door car shipping

This type of car shipping is the most commonly used type of transport. How does this type of transport work? A team of the company you have chosen for your car shipping comes to your home or to the place that you want, takes your car and transports it to the new destination. This is an excellent option if you fly by plane, so you will surely arrive first to the destination, and the company will deliver your vehicle to your new home. You do not have any worries about driving, losing time, and stress does not exist.

Other factors that determine the price for car shipping

Some several factors determine the price for the car transport, but usually, the prices are from $500 to $1100 depending from the model of the vehicle, size of the car, time of the year and delivery location.

The model of the vehicle

The model of the vehicle is one of the factors for determining the price. It is normal that SUV and Sedan have the same price for transport.

Also, the price may also depend on the age of the vehicle.

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The average shipping cost of the SUV is around $ 900, and the price for the four-door sedan is approximate $ 700.

The size of the vehicle

As for the model and the size of the car, prices are different. The reason is that larger / higher vehicles require more space and special treatment in shipping.

Time of the Year

The demand for transportation can make a price variation. Because of the people’s movements in the summer months of the year, the prices are higher. So if you want to pay less for your car shipping do it in the offseason.

Delivery destination

Depending on where you want your car to be delivered, it will also determine the final price. From the point of picking up the car to the place of delivery they will calculate the miles, but the route to which the truck moves will also play a role in the formation of the price.

Tips for you

For lower your price for a car, shipping makes sure that the tank is ¼ full. This is best because there is no extra weight on the vehicle, which is also part of the determination of the price.

Check your insurance and prepare all the documents which are needed for the vehicle.

Remove your personal items from the car.

It is advisable to place your order at least one week in advance, but if possible, do it before.

Check if you have the pair keys before you ship your car.

Final words

I hope that with this post I will help you with your car shipping. Choose a smart company to transport your vehicle. When choosing make sure the company has enough experience, but it is crucial to offer reliable and timely car shipping.

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