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Car Spotting in Canada…

I was very lucky to have a couple of week’s holiday in Canada recently and prepped my camera gear for all the beautiful landscapes that I was going to shoot. However, when I arrived into Vancouver, I was instantly startled by the deep growl of an F12 Berlineta that came racing down Georgia Street. Unable to delve quickly enough into my camera bag, the moment had passed and the beast eluded me. The idea of Car Spotting in Canada had not even entered my mind.

Vancouver Car Spotting (3)Vancouver Car Spotting (6)Vancouver Car Spotting (11) Vancouver Car Spotting (2)

A little later, whilst trying to take in the sites of what is an amazing City, a beautiful blue 911 came roaring passed and again, my reaction times were too slow. At this point something clicked in my head and a light bulb shone brightly above it! ‘These Canadians might actually like their cars!” And boy was I right…

Vancouver Car Spotting (4) Vancouver Car Spotting (5) Vancouver Car Spotting (7) Vancouver Car Spotting (9)

Real head-turners…

Now there is one problem with this story, I love ‘car-spotting’. However, as I was on holiday with my girlfriend, she was not too pleased with me stopping every thirty seconds to point out the latest four-wheeled beauty! So I decided on taking a few cheeky hip shots… I’d not planned on going Canadian Car Spotting but it looked liked it was the only option!

Vancouver Car Spotting (15) Vancouver Car Spotting (14) Vancouver Car Spotting (13) Vancouver Car Spotting (12)

I was genuinely impressed with the car culture. I don’t know whether I just presumed that Canadians wouldn’t be interested in cars or maybe I just thought that they would all need big 4×4 pick-ups to get through all the snow but I was very surprised to see such an array of Supercars on offer. I even managed to sneak off to a ‘Best of British’ classic car show and had a run-in with a Spyder – but more of that to come soon, watch this space…

Words & Photos by Ross Jukes

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