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CarPlay And Android Auto In Older Cars? It’s Possible!

Nowadays, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available in basically every new car – in case of some models, even in the basic versions. Wondering if there are any ways owners of older cars can enhance their vehicles with these solutions? Read on and find out!

What Are Apple Car Play And Android Auto?

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are interfaces that help you use certain features of your phone safely while driving. CarPlay is a bit older – it debuted in 2014, while Android Auto – in 2015 – but both systems continue to be supported and developed and are now a standard car equipment. Both of them can be used to do a variety of things that you usually use your phone for – like listening to music, navigating, checking notifications or calling. The interfaces are simplified, compared to standard phone screen – it guarantees fewer distractions, so it’s much safer in use. CarPlay and Android Auto are also great replacements for car radio and navigation – and offer much more functionalities!

CarPlay VS. Android Auto – Key Differences

As you can guess, Apple CarPlay is dedicated to iPhones, while Android Auto is dedicated to Android devices. But that’s not the only difference:

  • connecting the smartphone to the car is a bit trickier in the case of Android Auto – you need a special app and a few more clicks in both the app and the car screen; CarPlay connection is basically automatic, and you just need to accept one message,
  • with Android Auto, you can only use maps via the car screen; with CarPlay, you can use maps both on the phone and on the car screen – manually and via voice control,
  • notifications – CarPlay does not support Messenger, while Android Auto does; Android Auto shows you fragments of messages, while CarPlay does not – however, it can read them with the help of a speech synthesiser.

CarPlay And Android Auto In Cars Without A Factory Interface

Want to use CarPlay or Android Auto in an older car? It’s possible! You can find a wide range of car radios supporting those interfaces. Brands such as Pioneer, Sony, Alpine or Clarion have them in their offer. Besides the radio, you’ll also need a mounting frame, a cable harness, and an adapter enabling control via the buttons on the steering wheel. This option is not as user-friendly as the factory interface – if you want a solution that truly is CarPlay or Android Auto for older cars, you should look for special modules. They are available for Audi cars, among others.

The aforementioned Audi Apple CarPlay and Android Auto modules are mostly plug-and-play type – you just have to correctly connect them to your car. The module’s screen is connected in place of the display of the infotainment system (MMI). What is noteworthy – no additional coding of the MMI software is necessary for Audi Android Auto or Apple CarPlay module to work properly. Depending on the car, sometimes it may be necessary to enable AUX or connect an AMI-AUX cable. Still, the installation is rather simple – and the final effect is surely worth all the work! The Audi Android Auto and CarPlay modules are compatible with most of the MMI types, like MMI 2G, 3G Basic, 3G Plus, 3G High, Mib1, and Mib2 – so they are a solution for most Audi cars, even the older ones.

In some cases, the factory Audi Apple CarPlay may work only via cable. If you want to use it wirelessly, you can look for special adapters. Thanks to them, using CarPlay will be so much easier and comfortable! All you need is a Bluetooth converter. You just plug it into the USB port on your MMI, and by connecting your phone to it via Bluetooth, you can use CarPlay without using a cable.

As you can see, the market offers a wide range of products that can help you in using CarPlay and Android Auto even in the older cars!

Why You Should Get Apple CarPlay Or Android Auto?

Installing CarPlay and Android Auto in an older car has more advantages than disadvantages. The module itself is not very expensive, and you can do the installation yourself. A little work and you’ll get a car assistant system that’ll make your life easier:

  • you won’t need a navigation system – with CarPlay or Android Auto you can use preferred maps from your phone,
  • your favourite music always at hand – you can listen songs from your phone or apps like Spotify; you can even listen to audiobooks!
  • stay in touch without distraction – hands-free calling and reading text messages by speech synthesiser will help you keep up to date with your family, friends, and coworkers – without the need to take the phone to your hand.

If you want to use your phone during driving, CarPlay and Android Auto are the perfect solution!

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