Catalytic Converter Cleaner - Cataclean Review

Catalytic Converter Cleaner – Cataclean Review

As a frequent owner of cars that require work doing at a garage, I know how costly those visits can be. If the problem is something I can fix myself I will always take that opportunity. Cataclean is the newest product that I will be adding onto my list.

What is Cataclean and how Does it Work?

Cataclean is a fuel system cleaner with over 12 years of independent testing under its belt, which to me cries out reliability. It is also a straight forward catalytic converter cleaner.

Cataclean Liquid Science for petrol engines is formulated to detox the catalytic converter. Over time carbon deposits build up, it’s unavoidable. This build up limits the gas flow in the exhaust, in turn reducing engine output and efficiency. Not something a driver likes to hear.

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Catalytic Converter Cleaner – Does Cataclean Work?

Cataclean contains solvents and specially formulated chemicals that remove these catalytic converter deposits with a single application. It is a performance improver, emissions reducer and efficiency booster. Not to mention a money saver.

Cataclean is in no way limited to petrol cars. The products are widely used on petrol, diesel and hybrids. Cataclean Diesel for diesel engines has the same detox effect on both the catalytic converter and the diesel particulate filter, thus lowering particulate emissions and prolonging the need for a DPF replacement. No matter what you drive, Cataclean has something for you.

Motorcycles also have their own Cataclean product, Cataclean ‘One Shot’ Bike. Brake horsepower, torque and throttle response all benefit with just one use.

How Can Cataclean My Engine?

Well basically if you have a vehicle, Cataclean is going to be worth the purchase.  By using Cataclean and therefore removing the build-up of carbon deposits in the exhaust system, users have seen between 5-10% increase in fuel performance, some even 25%. I don’t see a downside.

Benefits of Catalytic Converter Cleaner

  • Reduce engine smells –  Over time an engines catalytic converter can start to smell like rotten eggs. It is not an attractive smell and can easily be sorted out with the catalytic cleaner.
  • Protect your motor –  To look after your engine periodic cleaning out of the catalytic converter will help ensure that the engine is getting a proper fuel supply and healthy exhaust gas flow. This means that the engine will run smoother, clean and will cut down on maintenance.
  • Clean pass emission on tests – Yearly emissions tests are essential to make sure you pass every year, a catalytic converter cleaning treatment can help. Cataclean as an example will clean out all the grime, dirt and carbon from the engine and exhaust system. Helping pass that test every year.
  • Reduce emission levels – Catalytic converters are complex parts of the cars exhaust system, if you are not keeping it clean, then it has no chance of working at its full potential. regular cleaning means it can run at 100%.
  • Improve engine power – You may notice that you are down on engine performance. It could be a simple thing like a gunked up catalytic converter. A quick clean with a catalytic converter cleaner might get you back running at full power without even touching a spanner.
  • Save cash – You might be able to notice that reguarl cleaning improve your cars MPG and will prolong the life of the cataytlic convertor with can cost hundred to replace if damaged.

How To Use Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner?

It couldn’t be easier. Cataclean is available in 150 ml bottles for Cataclean ‘One Shot’ Bike or in a larger 450 ml bottle if you’re buying Cataclean Liquid Science for your car. For a single application, you pour the contents of the bottle into a 1/4 full petrol tank, drive the car as normal for 10-15 minutes and you’re done. That’s it.

As much as one application will benefit your car, Cataclean recommends that you repeat the process 3-4 times a year, just to keep the fuel system at its absolute performance best. If you wanted to be utterly organised about it, schedule the application before you next MOT and save on some unexpected fixing costs.

Simple Cleaning Process Steps:

  • Pour the bottle of Cataclean into your tank
  • Drive as normal until tank is almost empty
  • Clear any OBDII error codes if present
  • Refill with normal fuel
  • Drive on the roads for around 50 miles to re-calibrate on-board computer (OBDII)

How Do Catalytic Convertor Work

For those of you wanting to get technical, here is exactly how a catalytic convertor works.

Where To Buy Catalytic Converter Cleaner?

Cataclean products are no trouble to pick up as you can make a quick order from their online shop. Cataclean is also available at most of the major retailers including Amazon, Halfords, Euro Car Parts and most motor and motorcycle dealers, keeping your car in good condition just got easier.

The usual price for Cataclean Liquid Science is £15.99; Cataclean Diesel, £16.50; and finally Cataclean ‘One Shot’ Bike, £12. I can say for one that I will be going to my nearest retailer and grabbing a bottle.

More Info:

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These tools have been tried and tested by our team, they are ideal for fixing your car at home.


  • McZuberi Says

    You have written a wonderful article about catalytic converter cleaner. As a results, I was able to buy a best catalytic converter cleaner for my car. The catalytic converter cleaner on my car is set very well. So I am very grateful to you.

  • Irfan Habib Says

    Thanks for this article. Cataclean is wonderful.

  • Sokol Says

    Cataclean is vaste solution for your cars

  • Susan Says

    For us non-mechanic people, how do we “ Clear any OBDII error codes if present”?
    I got the idea that the code would clear when the problem was resolved. If not, how can we mechanically clear it? Thanks.

    • Paul Jimarez Says

      Hello, either with a scanner or desconect the ground terminal from your batery for 5 minutes or something like that.

  • Jack Snow Says

    Does not work! Don’t waste your money….

  • Dorthy Wehrs Says

    All of these things can have detrimental effects on the fuel injectors, but the number one enemy is definitely carbon build up.

  • Lazaros Says

    I’ve used Cataclean diesel to get rid of the rotten egg smell on my Volvo S40. First time it happened it took 1 bottle to sort it out. A year later the problem reoccured and it took 3 bottles. So Cataclean does work for sure. Cheaper than paying for a new catalytic converter.

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