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The Centro Storico Fiat Museum Tour: An Exclusive Snippet

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Fiat 500, we took some time to explore the Centro Storico Fiat Museum.

The museum is full of highly impressive items from the entire history of the brand. Here were a few of my favourite specifics.

Old Wooden Master

There was a full size wooden master of the 500 build. It was done as the original full size concept design buck. It’s something that you just don’t see done in the modern day. Taking a look at the wooden structure, you get the perfect idea of what the car will look like on the road. I can only imagine the huge amount of work that will go into making something like this.

Office Of Dante Giacosa, Designer

We got to visit an office that has been recreated using the furniture from Dante Giacosa’s (the designer of the 500) original office. Although the location was different, the furniture was the original. So, the desk and chairs were all the same used by Dante Giacosa during the time of design and production. Here’s a glimpse of the original desk featuring a drawing of an early Fiat.

Endless Inspiration

Everywhere you look there was endless inspiration created from all the early adverts, drawing and designs that have been procured by the museum over time.

Production Line

Inside the museum they have even created a mock up production line. So, that just paints a picture of how things would have looked during the early days of Fiat production.

The Crown Jewels – Fiat’s Classic 500

Here is where we get to the real gem in the museum. Rightfully but humbly displayed, they have a beautifully kept original 500. Even by today’s standards, this car looks undeniably fantastic. It would have been truly special back in its younger days.

Some of the car’s design features were just so simple. From the materials used to how they were shaped and crafted together to create such an attractive piece of machinery. Nonetheless, simplicity is the clear focus.

The interior of the car was completely uncluttered. It solely focused on providing a place for the driver and passenger to travel in, nothing more and nothing less.

The original car was rear engined. So, of course that requires a different method of cooling. It’s clear to see how the rear of the car involves a selection of grilles. This allows airflow to cool the car.  Once again it is very nicely and simply done.

Artwork On Show

The museum has an endless amount of drawings, artwork and paperwork at their disposal. They have a fantastic method of showcasing this. Upstairs in the museum sits a vast majority of the stunning work beautifully displayed, highlighting everything about the brand’s history.

The museum is an absolute must visit for any car fan passing through the area. Plus, it is a great tribute to the country of Italy.

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