Ceramic Coating: All You Should Know

Should I use ceramic coatings? What are ceramic car coatings? Do they offer any benefits? Will the coating ruin that beautiful car of yours? Why are they expensive? These are some of the common questions people ask themselves when they first stumble upon ceramic coatings and they want to apply them on their cars. So, if these are the questions you want to be answered, you are in the right place. This article is going to dig deep into the topic—giving you a detailed overview as far as the ceramic coating is concerned.

Of course, you can spice up those daily drivers of yours like paint corrections and self-cleaning. However, a good number of consumers are slowly leveraging on the power of ceramic coatings.

Understanding Car Ceramic Coating

Like the skin’s second layer, ceramic coatings offer sacrificial protection to your car. Utilizing nanotechnology, ceramic coasting is actually fine particles that are invisible to the naked eye. These fine particles tend to seal off any pores—which plays an important role in making the car’s surface hydrophobic (water-resistant/repellant). Plus, these particles make the car’s surface UV resistant. Still more, the technology used ensures that the surfaces are resistant to scratches, extreme heat, graffiti, as well as destructive chemicals.

The Advantages

Ceramic coatings come with an array of advantages. They include:

  • The Nanoceramics are relatively easy, simple, and coast effective to apply
  • The ceramic coating is a cost-effective form of paint protection
  • The results are visible and practical

Mud/ Dirt Repellent

If you don’t want your car to be affected by mud and dirt, think ceramic coating. With ceramic paint coating, you have an effective way of keeping water, dirt, and other unwanted impurities at bay. The solution is better than any ordinary paint job. With this solution, things like snow and ice won’t stick on the surfaces of your car. They will slide off as soon as they come into contact with the coating.

UV, Oxidization, and Rust

Love your car? Probably, yes. You have spent money on it. So, don’t let UV rays, oxidation, and rust ruin it. When left exposed to the sun for long, ordinary car paint tends to fade. This makes your car ugly. Also, UV rays cause oxidation. So, if you want to keep UV rays and oxidation at bay, think in terms of ceramic coating.


it’s also important to note that ceramic coatings—also known as Nanocoatings—can improve the durability of your car. Ceramic coating tends to bond with the paint’s molecular structure—making it hard for vibrations to dislodge the paint from your car. This makes your car more durable.

Key Takeaway

Preparing the surface for ceramic coating takes time. Also, you need proper guidance from a reputable company if you want real results. Alternatively, you can hire an experienced auto company like Adonis Automotive Protection for support results.

The Bottom-Line

If you love your car, protect it from, scratches, water, chemicals, UV rays, etc. And the only way to do it is by using a ceramic coating. Based on nanotechnology, the ceramic coating will help your car shine and last longer. So, if you want to keep your car in good condition for long, think ceramic car coating.

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