ChipsAway Review – Professional Paintwork Repairs

ChipsAway offer a paint repair service that is affordable and convenient. Any car over time will collect scratches, chips and paint damage for various reasons. Often, you will think it is an expensive problem to put right and get your car looking brand new again. That might not be true.

ChipsAway Solution and Review

ChipsAway will sort out anything from a minor paint chip to a small dent. They will come out and give you a free quote. We worked with them to test their service on two of our cars.

ChipsAway Review

ChipsAway Review

We needed to carry out minor repair work on two used cars: a Nissan Leaf 2011 and a Range Rover Evoque 2013. Both vehicles have been well maintained, but over the years they have received their fair share of minor chips and knocks. Let’s see if ChipsAway can resolve these for us.

Below we show the before and after pictures of the work. The colours of the paintwork do match but are pictured in different lighting.

Range Rover Evoque Repair

The Evoque had two areas of damage the ChipsAway team could assist with. One was the front lower splitter that had picked up lots of stone chips over time. The second was the rear quarter which had been scuffed slightly and small areas of the paintwork had come off.

Range Rover Evoque – Front Lower Splitter

Here is the front lower splitter: you can see on the left-hand side that the black paintwork had been chipped in lots of places and was showing the white primer underneath. Once treated by ChipsAway, you can see the finished product on the right. The gloss black lower splitter looks like new again.

ChipsAway Review

The fix was fairly simple: the original paintwork was flattened back by hand to remove the damage and the chips were smoothed out. Then, the area was primed and painted over.  You can see that the surrounding area was protected to ensure the rest of the car was unaffected by the work.

Range Rover Evoque Rear Bumper

Here you can see the rear quarter of the car; it looks like something has brushed the lower area and taken some paint off. It is a minor issue but it has been a real bugbear for me!

To repair this section of the vehicle meant taping up the bumper, covering the car, then gently rubbing down the paintwork to remove the damage. Once the surface was smooth, it could then be primed and painted.

The finished area looks really good. I couldn’t fathom how they could repair an area of the car without painting the entire bumper, but somehow they pulled it off! The bumper looks brand new and there is no sign that it has been repaired. You can see the before and after shots below.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf was a little more mature. It is seven years old in fact and has received a bit more damage over the years.  It has three affected areas: the lower rear corner, then the upper boot lip and finally, the front lower splitter.

Nissan Leaf – Rear Corner Scratches

The rear lower bumper had received the worst damage. It looks like the car had reversed over a hard object which had scratched it significantly, as you can see from the picture below. The area was smoothed down and painted over and now looks factory fresh. It is incredible!

Nissan Leaf – Front Lower Grille

The front lower grille on the Leaf had taken a lot of knocks. I can only assume at some point the car had driven into a tall kerb, as the markings were fairly deep in places.

However, ChipsAway managed to smooth out the damage and paint over it, so now you can’t tell the difference, it’s new again!

Nissan Leaf – Upper Rear Bumper

Being an electric car, the Nissan Leaf often had people taking long cables out of the boot and putting them back. Over time, you may hit the bumper with the cable and cause damage, as you can see below. So, this type of repair will be needed more and more as people switch to electric vehicles.

This damage was put right so you will no longer notice it. Out of all the repairs, this is the one that was highest up the car and problems would be easy to spot.

ChipsAway Review Verdict

Repairing the cars’ paintwork was a doddle. Both vehicles were collected and taken to a local workshop because of heavy rain this time, but a lot of repairs can be done on the drive.

The quality of the repair work completed by ChipsAway is fantastic. You can’t tell the cars have been painted and all the damage has been removed. If I had known it would be this easy, then I would have done it sooner. It is good to know that ChipsAway are there if I need them in the future.

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    Would not use Chipsaway again.”technician came to my house,spent about five hours trying to get a small dent out of the drivers side door but didn’t manage.he left and said he would be back the next day,never saw him again

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