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Choosing the Best Boots for your Next Motorcycle Ride

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but not having the right boots for the job will make the ride dangerous and unenjoyable. Our lower extremities are exceedingly vulnerable to all sorts of dangers, including flying road debris, rocks, and crashes. Sometimes even accidentally dragging your toes on the pavement when making turns.

Anytime you ride a motorcycle, your feet and ankles are exposed to these risks. Only when you put on the most protective riding boots will you have the confidence to enjoy riding on the toughest terrain. 

However, not all boots offer the same kind of protection, and some may work well with your riding style than others. Also, there are many things to look out for when choosing the best riding boots to suit your riding style. We’ve outlined some of them here.

The boot height

The height of your motorcycle boot is vital for the overall safety and protection of your legs and ankles. For adequate protection, the boot height should be high enough to offer ample leg support and cover as much from above your ankles and below the knee cap. While this might be stiffer for most riders, it makes an enormous difference for protection. A simple slide crash can sprain your ankle and break your leg. This can happen when you fall, and your leg gets trapped by the weight of the motorcycle. 

A high-top boot could be your only bet for emerging unscathed in case of a crash. If you are an adrenaline junkie, we highly recommended going for a suitable boot height that covers your ankles and shins.   


The construction of the boot should be sturdy enough. Considering you will be hitting the asphalt road more than a couple of times, it makes a whole difference as to how everything is put together. Does it have double or triple stitching in the seams? How thick is the leather? What about reinforcements in areas prone to abrasion? 

Typically, the boot should have abrasion-resistant materials, double layers, and weather protection improvisations. If you find yourself commuting in wet weather, the type of leather used in construction should be waterproof to avoid getting your feet soaked. 

Proper boot construction is not only limited to leather. Nowadays, manufacturers are creating impressive textile boots that can withstand harsh riding conditions, as well as wear and tear. They are usually cheaper than the leather ones but offer the similar riding comfort.

Type of boot

When deciding what boot is best for your riding needs, consider your riding style. Currently, there are different types of boots suited for different riding settings. For example, motocross boots are designed for use by off-road riders, while adventure and dual sports boots are a mix of both off-road and on-road riding. 

However, the level of protection will vary depending on where your journey takes place. Choosing the right kind of boots will guarantee maximum protection since they are made to offer to protect in that particular riding environment. 

If you travel a lot on your bike, touring boots might be the best option for you. Touring boots are designed with comfort, ergonomics, and protection in mind for long journeys. For the casual rider, cruiser boots will prove extremely useful while protecting the elements and other hazards on the road.


While boot appearance is a secondary consideration for many, your sense of fashion should reflect in your riding. Whether you like the classic or modern look in a boot, you are likely to find a great pair from some of the top brands. 

Recently, boot manufacturers have come to appreciate the importance of style in boots, and there are plenty of cool boots to go with your style. If you like the eye-catching boot designs or the unique craftsmanship, you can opt for skull boots and other retro style boots. A stylish boot will not only set you apart from the crowd but also boost your confidence, on and off the bike.


The fit of your boot can affect performance and comfort when riding your motorcycle. Luckily, there are upmarket motorcycle boots that allow you to adjust and personalize your fit. Gel inserts that mold according to the form of your foot and provide you with the highest comfort and enjoyment are particularly common. Alternatively, try out as many boots as possible before settling on one. You can even go out on a ride wearing them to get a feel of how well they fit and overall pressure points.

Overall, your ideal boot should be comfortable and stylish while providing last-line protection. With today’s technological advancements, you are likely to find the boot that perfectly covers your riding needs. Keep in mind the above ideas when choosing your new pair of riding boots!

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