Clarkson Threatened with Jail Over Number Plates

He may have left but the fury continues

You may have thought the whole Top Gear Argentina controversy had blown over right, well you’d be wrong after a judge ruled the case to be closed in April, three appeals judges ruled the case be reopened.

Its not what you think

You may be thinking this is purely because of the plate and the riots it caused, well no, the crime committed was falsification of the number plates, when Top Gear changed them from the so called offensive H982FKL to the number plate H1VAE. This was done when the crew decided to abandon the cars to try and prevent further rioting.

Argentina got some free cars

Clarkson could face up to 3 years in prison for the offense in October 2014. Producers only saw Jeremy’s Porsche 928 when they arrived in Argentina at the start of the trip. Nearly 30 members of the were trying to escape to Chile when they were forced to abandon the presenters cars, the offensive 928, James’ Lotus Espirit and Richard’s Ford Mustang.

Clarkson has the BBC’s full support

For once the BBC actually sided with Clarkson and Top Gear over the plates and consistently denied that the car was bought for its plates. The previous judge Maria Cristina Barrionuevo, originally ruled that the Porsche number plate was swapped “with the aim of ending the main focus of conflict and avoiding violent reactions by locals which indeed ended up taking place.” This has since been nullified.

On to better things

Whilst the UK does have an extradition treaty with Argentina UK courts have stopped requests due to concerns over Human Rights. Clarkson Hammond and May have since left the BBC after Clarkson punched a producer and have since made a multi-million pound deal for a new show with Amazon.

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