Comeback Kings: Cars That Could Make A Comeback In 2016

The MINI, the FIAT 500, even the Beetle; these are all cars from the past that have managed to make a successful comeback into the modern era. Their quirky retro styling enticed the masses, to the point that you can’t turn a corner in major cities without seeing either a MINI or a 500. These cars are the comeback kings, cars that were successful in their day, and have now become even more successful in the modern era. But there are a lot of models from the past, that have had their day and never been seen since, either due to poor build quality, out of date mechanics, even sometimes just due to poor management. Some of these cars deserve a rebirth. So here’s my pick of 5 cars from the past that I think deserve to make comeback in the modern world.

Chevrolet El Camino

The Chevy El Camino was a hit in America, way back when it was introduced in 1959 to compete with Ford’s Ranchero, which it outsold by more than 50%. But the El Camino really didn’t gather any steam until the second generation released in 1964. Based off of the Chevelle platform the El Camino became the pickup truck to have during the 60’s and 70’s. Why do I think Chevrolet should bring it back? Well the El Camino was one of those special kinds of cars that not only worked in the real world, with its rugged dependability but also caught the eyes of hot rodders who snapped up the Chevelle based pickup and took it drag racing. Chevrolet were rumoured to be considering importing the Holden Ute from Australia and calling it the El Camino, sadly however, it has since ceased production so is unlikely to happen, but whilst I doubt it would work well in Europe, I think it could take America by storm.

Defender Old and New

Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is one of those cars that have always been around, but sadly in early 2016 the last Defender rolled of the production line. The Defender was essentially meant to be a farm vehicle. But the public yet again took hold of the Defender and made it the legend it is today. This is also the only car on this list that is known to be getting a sequel, however the DC100 is not what people want, its not what I want. The DC100 is yet another example of the modernisation of Land Rover, the DC100 is more like a Range Rover Defender, it’s posh yet functional. But the public and I want the old Defender back and it was still selling right up until the end, but Land Rover sadly still decided to kill it.

Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is the modifier’s dream car, a cheap, comfortable 2 door coupe, which is capable of absolute tyre-bursting speed. The Supra was the every man’s sports car, whilst the Porsches, Jaguars and BMWs were building £50,000 motorway munchers, Toyota made a car that wasn’t built for business men in suits, it was built for people who wanted a smile put on their face. In 2014 Toyota revealed the FT1 a supposed successor to the Supra, but other than patent filings nothing else has been heard from it. Though rumours suggest that the FT1 will be trying to beat the Nissan GTR at its own game.

Lotus Saloon Cars

Now, don’t worry, I haven’t gone crazy. I don’t want Lotus to stop making the Elise and Exige to focus on a saloon car. What I’m asking for is a Lotus tuned saloon car. Think back to the 60’s in the BTCC, the Lotus Cortina dominated the competition thanks to its light-weight and fantastic handling, then go a bit further forward in time to the Lotus Carlton, a true monster on the road, capable of taking on anything the Germans threw at it. It would be great to see a Lotus Mondeo, or a Lotus Insignia. And what with Lotus being in dire straights right now thanks mostly to the mismanagement of the company, they could really do with a success. Lotus cars right now fly mostly under the radar, with barely anyone talking about the new Evora 400 which, from what I hear, is actually a great car. Lotus has the knowledge and the skill to make a great car, but they can also make a good car legendary.

Ford Capri

God I want a new Capri! The Capri was a great car during its original run from 1969 to 1986 but was always seen as the Mustang’s little brother. Whilst it sold well here in Europe, it never really caught fire in the US where fuel prices weren’t an issue. The timing is also perfect for a new Capri, we are in a time where people are raving about the cheap humble sports car, The MX5 the GT86/BRZ the Fiat 124, so come on Ford, please. If Ford were to make a new sports car, it’s likely they would use the engine and gearbox straight out of the Focus ST. All Ford would need to do is create a smooth sleek body, add rear wheel drive and there you have it: an instant success. Sadly it seems my dreams will not come true, as with a Fiesta RS the Capri will likely either never appear or appear many years into the future. If you would like a car wallpaper for your iPhone download one here.

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