Compelling Reasons Why You Should And Shouldn’t Own A Car

Many adults feel they should become vehicle owners at some point. If you turn sixteen, or even a little before that, you can start taking driving lessons. You might have a parent or another relative teach you. Some people consider this a rite of passage during your teen years.

Nothing says you must get your license as a teenager, though. You needn’t get one as an adult, either. Though many people become licensed drivers, others never do. It’s your prerogative what path you follow.

We’ll discuss driving and getting your license now. Maybe you feel you should own a car, or perhaps you think you’ll never get one.

Cars Involve a Danger Element

First, we’ll discuss why you might not get your license and become a driver when you become an adult. If you drive, there’s a danger element that goes along with that. Car accidents can cause devastating neurological injuries and many other injury types. If you make a bad driving mistake, you can hurt yourself or someone else.

Even if you’re a great driver and never make any mistakes or break any laws, an irresponsible driver can sometimes hit you when you’re on the road. They might run a stop sign and hit you, or perhaps they’ll strike your car if they change lanes without signaling.

Drivers have so many ways they can break the law or act recklessly. If you’re not out on the road, then a car can’t hit you. That’s one compelling reason you might not get your driver’s license as an adult.

They’re Expensive

You must also acknowledge that many expenses go along with car ownership. You must purchase the vehicle itself. That may cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, depending on whether you get a fancy car or a merely functional one.

You have a bill each month if you leased the vehicle or you’re paying it off on an installment plan. You have the maintenance fees as well. You have fuel costs if you don’t have an electric vehicle. Many people have EVs at this point, but more have either hybrids or gas-powered cars.

You have the vehicle insurance costs. The more you think about it, the more you might feel you don’t need those expenditures. If you walk or ride a bike, you pay nothing, and you get some exercise as well.

Maybe You’re Not a Confident Driver

Some people drive without thinking about it too much. They’re fine with winter driving or driving when there’s a huge thunderstorm. They might drive with no issues during big-city rush hour traffic as well.

You might never reach a point where you’re a confident driver, though. Maybe you learn about traffic laws and driving during various weather events, but you never gain the attitude that you’re in control when you’re out on the road.

Driving takes a certain mindset. Some people never achieve it. If you have a timid personality, you might drive that way as well. You may feel you don’t want the responsibility that comes when you start a car’s engine and position your hands on the steering wheel.

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It’s Hard Getting Around Without a Car

Now, let’s discuss why you might want a car and a valid driver’s license. In reality, getting around without a car isn’t easy sometimes. You always have public transportation options like buses and trains, but they’re not always running.

Maybe you’re also nowhere near a bus stop or a train station. You can find transportation deserts in cities sometimes where there’s nothing around that can transport you. If you don’t have a car in these places, you’ll find getting around difficult.

Having a Car Gives You Freedom

If you have a car, then you can hop in and drive somewhere any time you like. For instance, if you suddenly get a notion that you’ll drive across the country, you can do that. Perhaps you won’t ever get an idea like that, but if you do, it’s nice you have a transportation method in the driveway waiting for you.

You Can Use the Car When You’re Running Errands

If you have a car and a driver’s license, you can run errands, which takes much less time and energy. For instance, you might use the car and hit the grocery store. You can get food that will last you for weeks.

If you take a train or bus, you must carry all those bags back with you. Imagine taking half a dozen large shopping bags full of groceries on a train or bus. It’s difficult, if not impossible.

You can take several packages in the car and drop them off at the post office. You must lug them with you on a train or bus if you don’t have a vehicle.

When you think about everything you can transport in a car, getting one becomes more desirable. You can always get around and do your errands without your own vehicle, but it’s much harder.

Should You Get a Car?

Ultimately, you must decide whether you want a driver’s license and your own car. Maybe you’ll get your license, but you’ll try life without a vehicle for a while. Perhaps you don’t feel like you can afford it.

You might also have your license, but you live in a city with plenty of public transportation options. If you live in New York City or Chicago, you have trains and buses running all the time.

If you live somewhere rural, though, getting around without a car becomes almost impossible. Even if you’re not a very confident driver, you might feel like the situation dictates your actions. If you need a car, you must get one, even if you’d prefer living without that responsibility.

Hopefully, if you must get a car, you can become a better driver eventually. Even if you don’t have total confidence, you should do fine if you follow all traffic laws and drive defensively.

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