Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140: A Spacious and Affordable Hybrid for Families

Dacia has introduced the Jogger HYBRID 140, the brand’s first-ever hybrid electric model, to its already versatile Jogger range. Designed with the needs of a family in mind, this 7-seater hybrid combines the practicality of an estate car, the spaciousness of an MPV, and the rugged styling of an SUV.


The Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140 comes with a 1.6-liter petrol engine, two electric motors, and a multi-mode clutch-less gearbox. The traction battery, a compact 1.2kWh 230V battery, is easily accommodated under the floor in place of the spare wheel. The hybrid system offers full-electric starting, which means that the electric motor pulls away the car from a standstill each time, providing the occupants with impressive silent acceleration and immediate response.

The system is capable of using the electric motor to fill the gaps in acceleration that naturally occur when changing gears, leading to exceptionally smooth power delivery and comfortable performance for everyone. Power for the electric motor comes from a battery that is recharged whenever the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator, using the electric motor as a generator to recover kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost and converting it into electricity to be fed back into the battery.

The Jogger HYBRID 140 can spend up to 80% of its time on city roads in full-electric mode, which equates to 40% fuel savings compared to a pure petrol model on the urban cycle. The hybrid system also achieves up to 56.5mpg (WLTP) on the combined cycle while emitting 112g/km of CO2. The Jogger HYBRID 140 is a spritely performer, travelling at speeds of up to 43mph on electric power alone, and accelerating from 0-62mph in 10.1 seconds.

Interior and Exterior Design

The Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140 boasts a unique exterior design with a bold, wide grille, flanked by Dacia’s signature Y-shaped LED daytime running lights, and headlights with LED low-beam illumination. The vertical rear lights maximise the width of the tailgate making loading easier, while a low load sill makes accessing the Jogger’s spacious cargo area fuss-free. The Jogger’s readiness for the great outdoors continues with its innovative modular roof rails that transform in a few simple steps to accept anything from skis to mountain bikes, complete with a generous 80kg load capacity.

The interior of the Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140 offers unrivalled space for a family of seven, with three full rows of seating that can be arranged into almost 60 possible configurations. The second-row seats offer plenty of seat height, similar to those in the front, together with generous foot- and knee-room. With all seats in place, the boot offers a useful 212-litres of storage space, rising to 699-litres with the third-row seats folded and measured to the top of the backrest. Folding the second-row seats and removing the third-row increases that further to an impressive maximum 2,085 litres.

Safety and Driving Aids

All Dacia Jogger models feature six airbags, including curtain and side airbags to protect the abdomen, chest, and head, as well as a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Some of the key features include an Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Blind Spot Warning, Park Assist, Hill Start Assist, and Electronic Stability Control.


The Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140 is priced from £22,595 on-the-road for the base Expression trim level, while the higher-spec Extreme SE trim is priced at £23,395 on-the-road. These prices represent excellent value for money for a seven-seat family car that is also a hybrid, with impressive fuel economy and emissions figures.


The Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140 is an exciting addition to the Jogger range, offering customers the brand’s first-ever hybrid powertrain. It delivers excellent fuel economy and emissions figures without compromising on cabin space or practicality. The Jogger HYBRID 140 is packed with features and clever design touches, making it an excellent choice for families in need of a versatile and spacious vehicle.

The modular roof rails, split-folding seats, and almost 60 possible configurations offer unrivaled practicality and versatility, while the multimedia and infotainment systems with powerful connected features are perfect for busy, modern families. With a range of advanced driver assistance systems and six airbags, including curtain and side airbags, the Jogger HYBRID 140 puts safety first.

Dacia’s famed fresh thinking and value-for-money approach has revolutionized the seven-seat family car sector, and the Jogger HYBRID 140 is the latest example of this. With prices starting from just £22,595, the Jogger HYBRID 140 is an excellent choice for families looking for a hybrid vehicle that is practical, spacious, and affordable.

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