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Dan Henry 1968 Dragster Chrono Review – Less Is More

Cars and watches have always seemed to fit together. More specifically, vintage cars, and vintage watches. Take a quick look through Instagram and you’ll easily be able to find thousands of photos of priceless, classic cars – and in the foreground? A vintage watch. It just works. And vintage-style watches don’t come in a more stunning package than the Dan Henry 1968 Dragster Chrono. Here is the Dan Henry 1968 review.

Dan Henry 1968 Review

Dan Henry 1968 Review – The History

Dan Henry is an avid watch collector of 35 years. Over this time, he has amassed one of the largest and most impressive collections of vintage watches you can think of. More impressively, he has documented and photographed each and every watch in his collection – and created a website where you can read about each and every one of them. This website, Timeline.Watch, contains photos and a detailed description of each watch, ranging from the year 2000, all the way back to 1900.

The collection is so impressive that it caught the eye of the editors over at Hodinkee, culminating in a very interesting article.

Dan Henry 1968 Review 2 Straps

The 1968 Dragster Chrono

Back to our watches – we have two examples of the Dan Henry 1968 Dragster Chrono. In both white and black, this gorgeous timepiece harks back to the ‘golden era’ of motorsport, the 1960s. Upon opening the cylindrical hard case, a stylish and subtle folded material pouch, containing your watch, will greet you. Unravel the tie, unfold the pouch and your Dan Henry sits in the centre pocket, alongside a spare Military-style wrist-strap and warranty card.

I was hugely impressed with this presentation, the brown leather and material suits the retro style of the 1968 perfectly. Plus, having a small foldable pouch means you can store and carry your watch with ease when you aren’t wearing it. No big heavy cases.

Dan Henry 1968 Review Bag

Sizes & Dimensions

On your wrist, the Dan Henry 1968 looks fantastic. The case is made of stainless steel, being 41mm in diameter and 14mm thick. It’s 47.3mm lug-to-lug, and they each have a width of 22mm. Very standard, very comfortable, and very stylish.

A single piece of Sapphire-coated, double-domed mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment is covering the dial. The 1968 is also good all the way down to 5ATM (50 metres).

Dan Henry 1968 Review On Wrist

The Dial

Now the good bit. Here it is very much a case of ‘less is more’. The face is mostly plain black/white, with red highlights on both. The hour markers surround the dial in flashes of colour, with the second hand following them round. The silver subdial is a 60-second timer, which would have featured on many racing watches back in the day and is a welcome addition to the design. Both close-up and from afar, the face looks great.

Dan Henry 1968 Review On Wrist Watch

The Rear

In the case of the Dan Henry 1968, the back of the watch is just as impressive as the front. The centrepiece is obviously the 3D maze pattern which dominates the rear. This is surrounded by small pieces of information about the watch such as the depth ability and model number out of – you guessed it – 1968 pieces. Not many of these exist.

Dan Henry 1968 Review Back Watch

The Racing Strap

This is a big selling point for me, I love leather straps. Metal ones are great yes, but I find leather to be so much more comfortable, better wearing and in some cases tougher too. I’m pleased to say that the 1968 is exceeding many expectations for the strap, including mine. I knew it would be good, but damn. Each watch comes with either a light or dark brown racing Italian leather Racing Strap, and it is perfect. No fancy metal link strap, just a single piece of leather.

dan henry 1968

The strap has plenty of holes for adjustment, so it will fit even the smallest wrists and never looks bulky. Also, every Dan Henry strap features the Easy Click System, which makes switching straps no trouble at all. Change both straps with ease. In a matter of seconds, simply pull back the bar, unclip and clip in another strap. Easy!


The Dan Henry 1968 is simply a gorgeous timepiece, which shows that less really is more. The lack of intricate detail brings a subtle style to the watch, perfect for all you classic racers out there. The Dragster Chronograph is one of the best watches I’ve ever come across, and the story behind the man who made it will ensure that it remains that way for a long time.

dan henry 1968

Buying Your Dan Henry

Buy your very own Dan Henry 1968 at the Dan Henry website for $200 (£154).  After having the pleasure of it on my wrist, I can tell you that it is worth every penny.

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  • I love the design and the beautiful leather strap with breath holes for summer nice idea. Thanks for sharing I have a passion to collect kool watches. Your reviews are amazing.

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