Hadrian’s Wall Challenge: Davanti Tyres Backs Team’s 150-mile Run for Charity

The British brand Davanti Tyres sponsors Status Code 14 in their daring coast-to-coast run along Hadrian’s Wall to support mental health and cancer causes.

A team of four, known as Status Code 14, is taking on the historic Hadrian’s Wall National Trail in a remarkable 150-mile run. Their efforts, backed by Davanti Tyres, aim to raise funds and awareness for mental health in blue light services and men’s cancer charities.

Setting the Pace

Beginning their journey at Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the team plans to reach Bowness-On-Solway and return, emulating the famed coast-to-coast pathway. The eight-day challenge, starting on 21st October, is targeted to wrap up by 29th October.

A Team with A Cause

The majority of the participants from Status Code 14 have either served or are currently serving in the military and police forces. Their goal is not just about covering approximately 28 miles daily but to shine a light on the importance of positive attitudes towards mental health and PTSD among veterans and active-duty members.

Words from the Frontline

Davanti Tyres’ General Manager, Peter Cross, voiced the company’s admiration and support for the event. “The Status Code 14 team is undertaking a task most of us couldn’t fathom. Their dedication to raising awareness for such crucial causes aligns with our ethos. We hope our sponsorship boosts their fundraising endeavours and we wholeheartedly wish them success.”

Scott Dawson from Statuscode14 extended his gratitude, “The support from Davanti means more than just funds. It’s about creating awareness around mental health, especially among our blue light emergency service workers and veterans.”

A Series of Endurance

This run along Hadrian’s Wall marks the fourth of six endurance challenges for the team. Prior events include a 75-mile run across Scotland, a relay triathlon from London to Paris, and a staggering 3,295-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean.

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