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Driving Mistakes You Should Never Make

Once you’ve passed your test, you may start to slip into your own driving habits. It’s natural for us to find our own flow and be able to drive in a way which is easy and comfortable for us. The only issue is that after a long time driving, we can also develop some bad habits which we take with us throughout our lives. It is crucial to remember that when you step into a car, you are stepping into a large heavy machine which is capable of doing damage. Here are some driving mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Not Paying Enough Attention

When you are driving in a normal situation, you will find that you may let your attention get caught up in what’s on the radio, a cute puppy on the sidewalk, or anything else. The thing to remember is that you are currently behind the wheel of a huge chunk of metal, which can do some incredible damage if it hits something or someone. Always stay alert and attentive when on the road, because you never know when someone is just going to run out in front of you.

Letting Tire Pressure Get Low

The tires are an important part of your vehicle because they are the only point at which your car comes into contact with the road. If you let your tire pressure drop too low, it can affect the way the car steers and ultimately leave you at risk of spinning out of control. Make sure that you take the time to check your tires regularly, even buy your own pressure gauge to make things easier and save a trip to the garage.

Buying Premium Fuel

Of course, there are a handful of luxurious cars which need to run on premium fuel, and if you have one of those cars, you can disregard this statement. However, for the rest of us, most domestic family cars don’t need premium fuel at all. Sure, you might not be able to move off the lights with as much power, but does it really matter? It will save you money when you go to the fuel station by choosing regular. Going back to the point about not paying attention, you must also make sure that you NEVER put petrol into a diesel car, visa versa. It is dangerous and could land you with a trip to a  diesel mechanic.

Ignoring Wet Roads

You might be in a rush to get to work or a meeting, but there is no reasonable excuse for you to ignore a slippery road. The risk of Aquaplaning and losing control on black ice can be incredibly high and cause you and your car a lot of damage. Drive steady and slow through wet streets, your employer will understand if you are 5 minutes late.

Adjusting Your Car Incorrectly

The way you adjust your seat, the mirrors, seatbelts and steering wheels is incredibly important for your safety behind the wheel. You need to make sure that everything is moulded to your body and suitable for the way you want to drive. You will need to be able to react quickly to problems on the road, and having everything at the optimal distance will help greatly.

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