Driving Under The Influence: Here Are 6 Arguments Why It Is Time To Stop

Are you thinking about driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? In the past, it wasn’t so common for people to drive after consuming alcohol. But today, many people do this, and there is a fair share of dangerous road accidents.

And on top of that, it costs millions every year to file personal injury claims for the victims caused by drunk drivers. So, don’t you think it is time for it to stop? Here are 6 arguments that will surely make you think twice about driving under the influence.

Driving While Intoxicated Can Lead To Severe Accidents And Injuries

It’s no secret that driving under the influence is dangerous, and it can even lead to severe accidents and injuries. But what if you’re unsure if you’ve consumed too much alcohol? You might wonder if there’s a way to tell if you’re too drunk to drive. The answer is yes!

Here Are Six Signs That You Should Consider Stopping Before Driving:

These might be impossible to remember when you’re already under the spirit of alcohol, but it is still worth recollecting for your and other people’s safety on the road.

Practice assessing yourself first before sitting in front of the steering wheel, and remember that if you have these signs, it is better not to drive:

  • You are having difficulty maintaining your balance.
  • Your speech is slurred or slow.
  • You feel dizzy or unsteady when you stand up from a sitting position.
  • You have trouble keeping track of time or events (such as remembering where you parked your car)
  • Your eyesight has changed significantly from pre-drinking levels (or if this occurs after drinking more than two drinks)
  • Your clothes smell like alcohol.

These signs will be unuseful if you don’t have self-control, so remember to drink when it is safe or have someone with you who can drive you home.

Here Are Six Signs That You Should Consider Stopping Before Driving:

Driving under the influence is dangerous, and it can ruin your life. Many people don’t realize that driving under the influence isn’t just a fine; it’s a criminal offense.

The consequences of driving while intoxicated are severe, including jail time, heavy fines, the loss of your car or license, having to complete community service hours, and more.

On the other hand, if you’ve got involved in a car accident and it is not your fault, you can always ask for help, for example, from the Tulsa car accident lawyer. Yes, some people can help you file a claim for a secure and hassle-free claim. But remember, it is not a ticket for you to drive on the road negligently.

You Could Harm Other People (Not Just Yourself)

Think about how driving under the influence can hurt yourself and others.

If you’re driving, you could hurt innocent people walking on the sidewalk. You could hit someone with your car and seriously harm them. Or you could hit someone with your car and injure them badly enough to require medical attention.

SEAT Leon FR HR 16

You could cause an accident that results in serious injuries or death for another driver and their passengers. That’s not even to mention the damage you’ll do to your vehicle if you’re driving drunk. And the list goes on and on.

DUI Could Be Very Expensive

Driving under the influence is dangerous and expensive for everyone involved in a crash—not just the driver.

The cost of a DUI can be huge, with insurance companies requiring you to pay up to $20,000 in fines and fees if you’re convicted. And if you’re injured in a crash that results from your drinking and driving, your medical expenses could easily exceed $100,000.

Even if you don’t get caught driving under the influence, it can still be expensive to deal with the aftermath of an accident caused by someone who has been drinking or using drugs.

Your car may need repairs or replacement parts, and there could be injuries to other drivers or pedestrians involved in the crash.

In addition to paying for these things out-of-pocket, you’ll likely have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees when dealing with an injury claim or lawsuit against another party involved in an accident caused by someone drunk or high on drugs behind the wheel.

Your Record Will Be Forever Tainted

You’ve been driving for years, and you’re an excellent driver. You avoid any major traffic accidents or other incidents—but what if you were to get caught drunk driving?

Your record would be tainted, making it extremely difficult to achieve things in the future. And the consequences would be severe.

DUI could also affect several things in your life, such as:

  • A DUI conviction can ruin your reputation and make it hard to get jobs in the future.
  • It could make getting insurance harder, meaning paying more out of pocket.
  • It will cost you time and money to endure expensive court proceedings!
  • It could affect your ability to drive legally (e.g., when you turn 18).
  • Your license will be suspended for at least six months from the date of conviction, and possibly longer, depending on how severe your offense was (these penalties don’t apply if there are no accidents involved).

Your Life And Freedom Are Worth More Than Your Last Drink

Driving under the influence is a severe offense, and it can end up costing you your freedom. Even if you don’t get arrested or lose your license, you could have much trouble with the law.

You may think driving drunk is no big deal—you’ll wake up with a hangover and not remember what happened last night.

But this is not how things work. If you’re caught driving under the influence, there’s always a chance that the police will find out about it and arrest you. If they do, they’ll take your license away and possibly send you to prison.

Final Thoughts

The dangers of driving under the influence cannot be ignored, no matter how small you might think those dangers may be. That and that your life and those around you are more important than a few minutes of being seen as a cool kid.

Remember these things every time you plan to drink, so you’ll think twice about whether you still want to drive under the influence and get caught or harm others on the road.

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