DS Driver Attention Monitoring With All New DS Models

DS Automobiles are introducing Driver Attention Monitoring, which aims to keep drivers alert and prevent them from falling asleep behind the wheel.

The EU has set a deadline of 2020 to provide all EU cars with fatigue alert systems. This is in response to the large number of vehicle accidents which can be attributed to driver fatigue. Since 2015 there has been over 4,000 accidents and 150 fatalities in the UK where fatigue has been identified as the causal factor.

The Driver Attention Monitoring system, which is already available on the DS7 Crossback, utilises infrared cameras focused on the driver, which work in conjunction with constant vehicle position monitoring technology.

These infrared cameras are mounted above the steering wheel and at the top of the windscreen. Here the Driver Attention Monitoring can effectively track the three key physical signs of drowsiness; movement of the eyes, eyelids, or neck. If any of these are detected, a warning notice appears on the digital display and an audible alert is triggered.

The technology is currently available on the DS7 CROSSBACK

At the same time, vehicle position monitoring constantly tracks the car in relation to road markings and warns the driver with an audible alert if there are any sudden or unexpected steering movements.

By working in partnership these two technologies allow the Driver Attention Monitoring to consistently observe drivers for telltale signs of drowsiness, and combat the potentially fatal consequences.

The audible notification which sound the instant any fatigue is detected, is designed to maximise the window in which the driver can be warned, and prevent any danger.

Head of Product, Vince Clisham said: “Distracted and tired drivers are a serious safety threat on roads across the UK and it is the cause of thousands of accidents a year, with some ending in fatalities. This serious issue can benefit from the latest technologies available, which is why we have made our Driver Attention Monitoring technology available across the range on DS 7 Crossback. Coupled with DS Night Vision and DS Active LED Vision, DS Automobiles is able to lead the way on improving the safety on the roads.”

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