The E-Type – A Timeless Legend

The E-Type  has long been a staple in any real car enthusiasts collection (and top of my theoretical list in the unlikely event I win the lottery) since 1961. Despite its age the E-Type can still hold its ground against some of the most expensive exotica money can buy. Once described by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever made” it’s a classic that reserves a special place in the hears of many in the motoring world.

Jaguar or Eagle?

For those with a decent sized wallet, and the ability to do a bit of restoration, you can pick up a fairly decent example of the E-Type for around the £40,000 mark. Be wary of dodgy patch-ups and engine condition though, if you’re going for a Series 3, as the repairs on a 5.3 litre V12 can wipe most of your budget pretty sharpish.

If your wallet stretches that bit further and you’re concerned with getting rust or oil on your brogues, then perhaps the Eagle E-Type is the way for you. Formed in 1984, Eagle has spent the last 20 plus years specialising in the restoration and sales of the Jaguar E-Type. And now they have their own cars to shout about; the Speedster and Low Drag GT.

Even more than an E-Type. If that’s possible?

The Eagle Speedster is a hand built car which takes every customers interpretation of their perfect machine, and seamlessly moulds it with everything the original E-Type should have been. Pure driving passion, excitement, engineering quality and a real sense that you’re in command of everything that the Jaguar E-Type would’ve given you, and more. You get the best of both worlds, a car that has all of the character and wow factor of one of the most iconic machines ever built, with modern day reliability and performance. It’s a simple idea, but not unimportant by any means. Lets face it, the motoring world needs a little bit of character every now and again.

Commission your own Eagle build

For the most part I’m going to stay away from talking about price, purely because I think the E-Type deserves a chance to be enjoyed as a thing to look at, as opposed to being discounted straight away for being unachievable for most. Eagle will take a donor original E-Type, and commission a build to take whichever direction you feel would suit you best. It may be that you’ll use the car on the occasional run to the coast, at which time you’ll be requesting all of your creature comforts. Personally I think the E-Type has the characteristics of a proper driver’s car, so you can direct the build in a more performance oriented approach, with upgraded brakes, suspension and engine management.

Timeless design makes this classic a sure-fire winner

I think the thing that makes these cars so special is the attention to detail with keeping the E-Type as close to the original as possible, but enhancing them, making them even better. It’s funny, I never thought I’d be able to say that a company has made an E-Type better than the original; all it takes is a little look on their website and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Infact, I’d go as far as saying that I agree with Jeremy Clarkson when he said on Top Gear; “I think this, by a long way, is the most beautiful car I have ever seen. It might actually be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”.

Image Source Jaguar Media, Eagle

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