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ECU Remapping: Beneficial or Waste of Time? 

ECU remapping is essentially reprogramming the brain of your car. The point is to increase the performance and economy of the vehicle. So, you may be wondering why the car doesn’t come off the line already at maximum performance and economy.

One reason is manufacturers want to focus on reliability more than performance. Unfortunately, many people don’t perform routine maintenance on their cars. Also, there are multiple fuel grades, and not everyone chooses the same or the most appropriate one for their vehicle.

Manufacturers, therefore, choose to take a safer route and opt for reliability over performance. Doing this provides a greater chance for the car to last the greatest amount of time possible. If you are prepared to complete appropriate maintenance, use a good fuel grade, and take care of your car, ECU remapping might be a good choice.

Other Benefits of ECU Remapping

Added performance isn’t the only benefit of ECU remapping. If you commit to driving normally, an ECU remap can also increase fuel efficiency. Some people report up to 5 MPG more fuel efficiency after an ECU remapping. However, it’s essential to remember that if you have a tendency to speed, you will waste the fuel efficiency you gain.

Another potential benefit to ECU remapping is that if you routinely transport heavy loads, an ECU remapping can increase your driveability. This will mean you don’t feel like you are crawling when driving uphill.

Kia Optima PHEV 2017 HR 9

Considerations Before ECU Remapping

Whether you have a petrol or a diesel chip, a turbocharged auto typically gets the best performance gains overall. Also, a naturally aspirated (NA) engine may not get enough of a performance boost from ECU remapping to make it worth the cost and effort.

Fuel economy can potentially be increased with an ECU remapping, but how much will depend on how the car is driven. Boosted performance doesn’t mean you can become heavy-footed when you drive. If you do that, you will lose any potential gains in fuel economy.

Closing Thoughts

Be well informed before you choose ECU remapping for your car. If your vehicle isn’t in good condition, ECU remapping won’t benefit you. Also, don’t forget to inform your insurance company if you choose to have your ECU remapped.

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