Edifier TWS5 Review – True Wireless Headphones

The past year was the year of innovation for headphones but it has been specifically around wireless earbuds. With numerous competitors in the audio space, we are now open to so many options when it comes to truly wireless earbuds.

With the growing number of headphones in the market, it is getting tougher and tougher to pick just the right one. However, we believe we finally have an option that we think is the closest to the perfect pair of truly wireless earbuds.

Edifier took a swing at the competition by releasing the Edifier TWS5 Wireless headphones. Edifier is the second-largest multimedia audio company around the globe, winning several awards at CES for its innovative products. The TWS5 are therefore one of the most well-rounded headphones one can wish for.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is not only the most important feature of headphones, but it is the main feature that decides where you put your money into them or not. The Edifier TWS5 will not disappoint you at all, they deliver the most amazing sound. The mids are kept on the strongest to ensure the most effective vocals, the bass and the treble are on the high end of the spectrum giving it that lively touch. The sound quality on these headphones feels well balanced overall.

The TWS5 makes use of the Qualcomm cVc noise reduction that helps deliver noise-free audio via the microphone, so you if you are in a public place and you want to make a call, never shy out with doing that. The only downside in terms of sound comes from the low volume on the headphones, this could most probably contribute to the in-existence of distortion in the sound.


The headphones connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and has an additional feature known as the Qualcomm aptX playback capability which helps with delivering the best Bluetooth audio available. The TWS5 last 8 hours individually with an added 32 hours combining with the case. These headphones come with stereo plus, which allows the buds to connect individually rather than buds connecting with each other, which means stronger connectivity to your phone. This also allows you to use one earbud individually if you would like to.

Form factor

The headphones have a plastic exterior with a glossy black finish, which makes it extremely pleasing in-terms of aesthetics. On the contrary, the material makes it a fingerprint and scratch magnet. You may wish for a metal or aluminium finish but that would make them heavier. The TWS5 are rated IPx5 which protects them against sweat and rain, however, they shouldn’t be submerged underwater.

The TSW5 offer three sizes of silicon in-ear tips, make sure you pick the right size for the best fit. These headphones come with a plastic case that charges up with a micro-usb charger, this was a little disappointing since every electronic product has adopted the usb-c cable.

Another downside to these headphones is the fact that you cannot control the volume from the touch controls, the volume adjustment needs to be done using the voice assistant and that may not be the most convenient thing to do depending on the situation. But this is the case for most wireless headphones.

Overall, the Edifier TSW5 are a great pair of headphones for listening to music and podcasts. Priced at £45, the headphones are without a doubt amongst the top 5 truly wireless earbuds.

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