Energizer Hardcase Pro Headlight Review

It can be rather tricky at times to work while also carrying a torch. You’d have to fumble about with whatever you’re working on in one hand. Then, needing to keep the torch steady with the other. Thus, a headlamp is a neat solution, freeing up an entire hand to do stuff with. As is the case here, Energizer’s Hardcase Pro headlamp would no doubt be a handy bit of kit to have.

Being a torch, it performs well at the most important part – illumination. The Hardcase Pro is very bright, with two different types of beams to switch from, a ‘flood’ and ‘spot’ light. One is a wide-angle beam that spreads light across a large area to brighten up what’s around you. The other is a narrow-angle directional beam that’s focused on a single point of interest.

Bright And Comfortable

Configurability is top notch, too. You can have both the wide and focused beams turned on at the same time, or just one. At its maximum brightness settings, Energizer’s Hardcase Pro can illuminate up to 100 metres in front of you. And, with upwards of 325 lumens to play around with. Power is supplied by 3x AA batteries, which are (thankfully) included in the box.

They’re very comfy to have strapped onto your head, especially for longer working sessions. If you’re keen to work on cars, it’s nice to have its wide-angle illumination to light up all of the hard-to-reach spots. In addition, the Hardcase Pro is durable. It could survive a 7-metre drop and has IPX4 water resistance. No slip construction makes it easy to put on and stay in place, as well.

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