Energizer Panel Work Light Review

Energizer Panel Work Light Review

If you’re having trouble looking into the darkness, a robust work light always helps. Small and reliable, work lights offer ample illumination no matter where you are or what you’re doing. If you’re in need of one, perhaps Energizer’s panel work light might be the right fit for you. Most interestingly, it adopts the use of panel lights, with two separate panes that can be rotated.

Thus, you could have them pointed in opposite directions. Or, have them pointing at the same place for maximal brightness. It allows you to have a lot of control over it, such as turning one panel on, while keeping the other off. Energizer’s panel work light is incredibly bright, too. Its upper limit is rated at 1,100 lumens, and you’re still getting 550 lumens at the minimum.

A Good Work Light, And More

Versatility is a key word for Energizer’s panel work lights. For starters, it’s a compact unit that could easily be stored or carried around. Plus, it’s the perfect companion for automotive work, owing to its flat design. Fold it all in, and you could handily slide it under your car, or perhaps down the side of the radiator. Providing light to those hard-to-reach areas is much easier.

Alternatively, you might extend the legs to have it propped up to shine some bright lights onto the engine bay. As such, it could thus be used for other applications like working at night and using it to light up a campsite. Elsewhere, it’s charged through mirco USB. If that isn’t compelling enough, consider that it’s also a battery bank to charge other devices in emergencies.

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