Envoy Tyres – An All-New Tyre Brand Built For Quality & Value

There are fewer markets in the automotive world that are as competitive as tyres. The few tyre brands that dominate this space are the absolute masters in the art of rubber doughnuts. Look no further than brands like Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, Bridgestone, and many more at just how meticulous and precise their R&D is, or how much effort they put into designing the very best tyres around. Whether that’s their extensive involvement in motorsports or working with world-class engineers, you can’t really beat the status quo. Or… Can you? Well, a new brand has entered the fray, and they aim to shake up the establishment with their own tyres, Envoy.

Envoy is the product of the Oak Group Holdings conglomerate, and it’s the newest venture by the UK-based company. The goal of Envoy is simple – to create a tyre brand that can deliver exceptional value, yet retain top-notch quality. It’s certainly easier said than done. For now, we don’t really know much about Envoy, but this value-driven tyre brand will come to light sooner rather than later. They are aiming to launch to market this coming June 2024, and we’ll know more of what they have to offer at The Tire Cologne. Moreover, by the last quarter of 2024, Envoy Tyres will be launching not one, not two, but four whole range of new tyre products.

A New Challenger Has Entered The Ring

The Tire Cologne is one of the world’s foremost trade fairs when it comes to tyre products, and it’s a great chance for tyre brands to showcase their latest and greatest. As such, it’ll basically be baptism by fire for Envoy Tyres, an all-new brand of automotive rubber that has seemingly come out of nowhere. Thankfully, Envoy is backed by years’ worth of experience under their belt, as this isn’t Oak Group Holdings’ first rodeo with tyres. Back in 2015, they launched what we now know and love as Davanti Tyres, now established as a sister brand to Envoy. Davanti has already established itself as the premier, go-to mid-range consumer tyre brand.

For such a young company, its rise and continued dominance is a surprising and much-needed bit of disruption in an otherwise heavily saturated tyre market. With that in mind, Oak Group Holdings now aims to replicate that success with Envoy, but this time, targeting the budget, entry-level end of the consumer tyre segment. Peter Cross, a general manager at Envoy Tyres, had this to say about the highly anticipated launch of Envoy Tyres:

The Tire Cologne is an exciting moment for Oak Group Holdings and Envoy Tyres as we reveal the brand and its current range for the first time. Having worked tirelessly for the last 18 months on Envoy, we’re really thrilled to have a new brand which offers drivers great confidence on the road, within the value tyre category. This is a first step for Envoy, but we’ve already got plans for the future including expansion of the range with new all-season products in 2025.

Could Envoy Offer Exceptional Budget-Oriented Tyres?

And hey, if you’re visiting The Tire Cologne yourself, maybe consider paying a visit at the Envoy Tyre trade stand. They’ll be exhibiting their first range of tyres at Stand E-038 in hall 6.1 in the Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre, from the 4th to the 6th of June. With Envoy’s focal point being to deliver the best quality tyres and the most innovative tread patterns and tyre designs for a budget-oriented price, it’s an exciting time for consumers and motorists looking for new tyres. If you are looking forward to shopping around for Envoy tyres, they’ll have four distinct sub-brands of automotive tyres that you could pick and choose from:

  • Aterna – Ideal for day-to-day commuting and everyday driving tasks, the Aterna range of tyres from Envoy aims to be a reliable, versatile line of passenger car tyres. Crucially, it was designed and optimised for reduced road noise and increased fuel economy.
  • Motiva UHP – For sportier driving and performance cars, Envoy’s Motiva UHP family of tyres is engineered to take on the best of ultra-high-performance (UHP) tyres, but for a fraction of the price. So, if you’re looking for maximal grip, top-tier responsiveness, and precision control, this is it.
  • Tordera H/T – As its tyre grading might suggest, Envoy’s Tordera tyres are made with SUVs and crossovers in mind. A heavy-duty selection of tyres, it’s crafted to offer you superior handling and on-road stability, particularly when you’re on the motorway. Envoy promises that you’ll enjoy a quiet, comfy, and buttery smooth ride when you’re cruising at speed.
  • Vertra – Lastly, Envoy has their Vertra range of summer tyres, particularly engineered for all you van owners out there. Made for commercial fleet owners and businesses in mind, Envoy’s Vertra van tyres offer prolonged durability and longevity, reducing service intervals and costs for your business. Additionally, it’ll handle itself well, even under heavy loads and when you’re rushing to get deliveries out the door, with highly demanding workloads.

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