Jaguar E Pace HSE R Dynamic 13

Have you ever fancied an E-type Jaguar for £4?

Have you ever fancied an E-type Jaguar for £4? Think it’s impossible? Guess again… Think it’s a model? Nope, this is the real thing, engine and all… Where as winning the lottery may be one way to get your hands on a new Jag, ‘Best of the Best’ are offering you the chance to win an E-type for just £4.00 and it doesn’t stop there! They are currently having a sale on all of their Jaguar range!

Best of the Best is the Supercar competition company that gives away a car every fortnight. There have been over 230 winners so far and they’ve given away more than 12m in cars – you could be next! And for one competition only, tickets for all fourteen Jaguars are discounted! You’ll also get £5 game credit when you register with them! Enter now at ‘Best of the Best’

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