Exotic Cars in Compromising Situations

We have come across some pictures of super cars and luxury cars in rather strange situations. From being used as laundry racks to picking up the McDonalds Drive-Thru, they definitely do not belong there. Most owners respect and cherish their cars and tend to shy away from taking them to unknown places but these pictures show the owners using their cars to the maximum of their abilities.

1. Ferrari 458 Jet Ski Tow 

This matte black 458 Italia was pictured towing a matching jet ski in Miami. Would you have the heart to tow something behind your Ferrari?

2. Pagani Zonda McDonalds Run

Who knew this Pagani would be the perfect height for the counter at a Drive-Thru. Well at least the owner can enjoy his fries in comfort!

3. Audi R8 Ice Chest

It is always said that the R8 is a cool car but surely not cool enough to chill beer

4. Lamborghini Murcielago Clothes Rack

Towels, socks, shirts…this super hot hyper car can dry any clothes in seconds.

5. Rolls Royce Ghost Boat Edition

Although it’s a big car the Ghost definitely is no boat as this owner found out in Jakarta when he drove into a flood in his Rolls Royce.

6. Lamborghini Gallardo Sheep Herder

Well apparently sheep are not afraid of bulls. How does this even happen?

7. Lamborghini AFLOATador

It seems that Lamborghini owners have a knack of getting themselves into sticky situations and this one is no exception. Do they float? Well we are about to find out!

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