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Expect Power Boost As Ferrari Upgrade F1 Engine

The top two teams in the Formula One Championship may be well ahead of the rest of the pack, but the race to be best of the rest is certainly an exciting one. Looking at those involved, Ferrari certainly have a chance to finish third in the standings, and the team issued a positive bulletin ahead of the return of F1 at the end of the month.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has revealed that his team will have a significant improvement in power during the second half of the season. This is great news for fans of the team, and something that has come as a surprise.

Ferrari Running With Elements Of 2020 Engine

As fans of the sport will know, teams are restricted to upgrading each component of their engine just once per year. This is in place to try and keep a level playing field and stop teams from pushing forward and making big alterations during the season.

Ferrari have been running with a power unit this season that has some 2020 aspects to it, so parts of their engine are exactly the same as the one they had last season. When implemented, results for the team are expected to improve, and that may grab the attention of those using new betting companies to bet on F1 between now and the end of the season.

When Will The New Changes Take Affect?

The chances are that Ferrari will wait until after their home grand prix in Monza. The reason for this is because both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc are already on their third engines of the season. This means a change will see the two drivers pick up grid penalties, something the team will not want to have in their home race.

The team will look to switch engines in a race that doesn’t have too much of an impact on them.

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What Is Coming?

The actual change that Ferrari are making is to bring in a new power unit. The development for this was not complete after the 2020 season, which has caused the delay, meaning the team did not bring this in at the start of the season, like other teams did.

This means there will be an update to all components of the power unit, which includes the batteries, turbo, MGU-K, MGU-H, ICE and more.

There are two positives this will bring. Of course, the most important is that the team will hopefully be able to put up some impressive performances to round off the season, potentially cementing third place in the Constructers Championship standings for Ferrari.

Secondly, the team will get an early look at what 2022 could look like. With further development to get to this point, and implement something new, the team will be one of just a few who can look at their new engine features, not only in development, but during a race.

Ferrari may still be some way off challenging for the title, but we could see a little more from them when their new engine development is allowed to shine.

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