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F1 Changes In 2017 – Are You Ready For This Year?

So it’s only a couple of months since the 2017 F1 season begins again and personally I’m starting to get the itch for the sport again. The season is due to kick off in Melbourne, Australia on 26th March.

2017 F1 – All Change

Changes for the year will include new regulations, wider tyres, wider cars, longer and pointier noses, bargeboards, lower rear wings, different rear diffuser and wet starts with the safety car. As ever, the changes to the rules have been done to speed up the cars, make the racing more exciting and hopefully resolve the overtaking issues.

Take a look the pictures below that compares the 2016 (bottom) and 2017 (top) cars. You can clearly see the height of the spoilers have been decreased and the nose at the front of the car has been stretched out. Behind the front wheels is where you will see the use of bargeboards forcing the moving air around the car. Every year we are shocked how different the new cars look and then we get used to them a couple of months later. So don’t worry too much about it for now.

2017 F1 – All Change

Driver-wise things are changing up a little this year too with the biggest new being Nico Rosberg retiring, chances of Lewis Hamilton winning the 2017 Drivers Championship have increased. I know that I will be cheering him on to success this year.

2017 F1 Race Calendar

We have the fixtures in from for the year with the UK race at Silverstone being on the 16th July, it is worth noting down in your diary.

March 26: Melbourne, Australia
April 9: Shanghai, China
April 16: Bahrain, Bahrain
April 30: Sochi, Russi
May 14: Barcelona, Spain
May 28: Monte Carlo, Monaco
June 11: Montreal, Canada
June 25: Baku, Azerbaijan
July 9: Spielberg, Austria
July 16: Silverstone, United Kingdom
July 30: Budapest, Hungary
August 27: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
September 3: Monza, Italy
September 17: Singapore, Singapore
October 1: Sepang, Malaysia
October 8: Suzuka, Japan
October 22: Austin, USA
October 29: Mexico City, Mexico
November 12: Sao Paolo, Brazil
November 26: Abu Dhabi, UAE

We hope that 2017 is the best year yet for the sport; F1 certainly has a lot of opportunities to prove itself through the season.

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