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What’s the fastest car you’ve ever driven?

Say… what’s the fastest car you’ve ever driven?

Being an motoring journalist doesn’t mean you have a constant string of super-fast cars on your drive every month sadly, but, time to time, at Motor Verso I have had the opportunity to drive some pretty fast cars. And every now and then something really special comes along.

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My fastest was the McLaren 650s

Only last month I got the opportunity to drive the McLaren 650s Coupe. The 650s has 641bhp and will do 0-60mph in 3 seconds flat and 0-186mph in 25.4 seconds. It’s fair to say, the car is insanely quick and possibly one of the fastest cars I will ever drive. To read more about the McLaren take look in our review section.

what's the fastest car you've ever driven

Okay, your turn. What’s the fastest car you’ve driven?

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  • Ghiaman1334

    I’d love to be able to give you an answer, but I’ve never driven anything IRL…

  • David Says

    0-60mph in 3 seconds flat and 0-186mph in 25.4 seconds? really fast. Here is also a 1100 horsepower car With an estimated top speed at 250 mph, its main competition in its class is the Ferrari FXX K.

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