Frankfurt IAA 2017 2 Ferrari Portofino

Feast your Eyes on the Ferrari F12 TRS

Check this out, the third Ferrari F12 TRS has been discovered and photographed by V12SupercarsFotography. This car has been finished in a chrome grey wrap and looks amazing, I’m sure you will agree.

Ferrari F12 TRS at Ferrari Cavalcade 2015 Tour

The car pictured here took part in the Ferrari Cavalcade 2015 tour that kicked off in Rome. At the same tour last year, the first red F12 TRS was spotted competing. We have heard rumours that all three known F12 TRS’ belong to the same owner, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Open Bonnet Design

We don’t know too much about this TRS version of the F12, this model in particular does differ from the other models we have seen. You will notice that the bonnet has an opening displaying the engine and there are a few other minor changes including a headlight re-design

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