Ferrari Roma – New V8 2+ Coupe Unveiled In Rome

Ferrari have released exclusive new details on their much-anticipated V8 coupé, the Ferrari Roma. The prancing horses latest offering promises to offer a beautiful harmony of elegance, power and innovation, as well as an exciting and memorable driving experience. It has been reported by Ferrari that we should be expecting some significant upgrades and new features in the Roma that reflect a new frontier in luxury supercar motoring. Let’s explore those details in a bit more depth.

The Powertrain

We now know that the Ferrari Roma is to be powered by a 620cv V8 engine — one that was voted International Engine of the Year 4 years running — and yet will also be in full compliance with the Euro 5D anti-pollution regulations. It will feature an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox (with smaller module that delivers 35% more torque than the previous 7-speed) which will reduce both fuel consumption and emissions, as well as give smoother, more responsive shifts to create a truly enjoyable driving experience.


Another confirmation from Ferrari is that the Roma’s bodyshell and chassis have undergone a redesign and now include state-of-the-art weight reduction technologies. This will make the Roma’s handling among the most dynamic in its category, with near-unbeatable responsiveness. Furthermore, the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer is to be built into the Roma, which supplements the traditional electronic stability control system for even greater controlled dynamics. It works by gently adjusting the brake pressure on one or more of the wheels according to the exact circumstances of each driving moment. The result is smoother and more predictable sideslip dynamics.

One more cutting-edge innovation is the mobile rear spoiler, which can automatically deploy when travelling at high speeds to ensure the best-possible downforce needed to maintain optimum performance and safety. The spoiler can be deployed to three positions — Low Drag (LD), Medium Downforce (MD), and High Downforce (HD). The different positions give different angles to generate lower or higher downforce exactly as needed. This lets the driver focus on the road, while the car looks after the aerodynamics for you.

Exterior and Interior Design

Finally, we come to news on the Ferrari Roma’s design, which we are told “took inspiration from the concept of sporty elegance celebrated in the most legendary grand touring Ferraris of the 1960s.” The design could be described as chic minimalist, particularly with the absence of wings or vents, which draws extra attention to the flowing, ambient and almost hypnotic lines of the exterior. Ferrari are saying that their design theme is “Purity” and we can clearly see that in the way production has focused on reducing and minimizing materials necessary to complete the effect.

The interior concept was conceived as being two distinctly separate spaces for driver and passenger. The result is a nearly symmetrical structure, with the wrap-around dash design creating a unified and balanced feel throughout. No expense has been spared on material choices — full-grain Frau leather, Alcantara, chromed aluminium and carbon-fibre. In short, it’s shaping up to be Ferrari’s most gorgeous and stunning offering to date. It’s also among the most digitalised, thanks to the now entirely digital instrument cluster, which powers off when not started, adding to that minimalist design as it rests. The driver can easily tailor the cluster to display exactly the information they need, and an additional 8.4” HD central display incorporates infotainment, navigation and other media features.

To summarise, the Ferrari Roma, billed as embodying the philosophy of “La Nuova Dolce Vita”, seems to be living up to the hype and will surely be yet another incredible offering from the automotive artists who seemingly can do no wrong.


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