First Seen Pics of the Porsche 911 R in Testing

Around 2 weeks ago we heard that Porsche were rumoured to be making a limited edition 911 called the Porsche 911 R . The ‘R’ was said to be using the Porsche 911 GT3 as a base platform.

Porsche 911 R – de-winged 911 GT3?

Now we have had some spy shots confirmed. There doesn’t appear to be too many changes. I think we are looking at basically a de-winged 911 GT3. However we are always very happy to see a new Porsche special edition on the road

9000rpm-redlined flat six

For now, we can’t tell you much more. Under the bonnet the ‘R’ could be using the 9000rpm-redlined flat six and we here it might even be possible for the car to have a ducktail rear spoiler. Its too soon to tell now, but we may have to wait until Geneva next year.

What we are expecting from the 911 R

For those that haven’t heard the 911 R could be a 600 car run of manual gearbox cars, with a high revving engine, and lots of weight savings to appeal to the purists. Apparently all of these cars have sold out before being even finished, crazy!

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