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Five Routine Car Maintenance Tasks To Keep In Mind

One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to their cars is that they don’t maintain them as well as they should. Maintaining a vehicle is a constant effort. You need to make sure everything is in order to see that the car holds as much level as possible. When you don’t know much about cars, it can be difficult to know what you need to do. This is especially true when you have car mechanics telling you that you need things you don’t have to do to the car. Here are five routine car maintenance tasks to do regularly.

Oil Change

Of course, you are probably aware of the importance that oil changes have in keeping up your vehicle. It’s important to get fresh oil and a new filter in your car every three months or 3,000 miles. It will keep everything running smoothly. Oil is like your car’s blood and a change is like a transfusion. You also need to make sure you fix any oil leaks should you have one. When you do your best to change your oil regularly, the car will only benefit.

Coolant/Air Conditioning

Next, you want to check on your coolant. Coolant is not just what keeps your car from overheating, it is also used to keep your air conditioning running. If your car uses up coolant quickly, you will need to add more. The longer and colder you run your air conditioning, the more coolant and gas your car will use. While it might seem like the most important part of your car, coolant is actually quite vital to keeping the vehicle running well.

Tire Pressure

Another thing to keep an eye on is tire pressure. It’s dangerous to drive with low tire pressure. Not only could you get a flat, but you could also get in an accident if you run over a nail. Use an air pressure gauge to determine how much air you have in your tires. Whether you are getting an oil change or are simply putting gas in the car, check the tire pressure and fill it with air when you need to. You’ll be surprised about just how much this benefits the way your car runs. Don’t forget to check the air!

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Transmission Maintenance

One of the most integral parts of any car is the transmission. How many times have you heard someone talk about their car saying they are just going to buy a new one because the transmission is shot? You can really make your car last longer if you service your transmission. A great way to do this is to flush the transmission. Transmission fluid is taken out and replaced with new fluid. Flushing your transmission will help the car maintain a friction-free and low-heat environment that will allow your car to run better and last longer. The most important thing is to not ignore your transmission, you will be happy you paid attention to it in the end.

Check Your Brakes

Another thing you shouldn’t allow to get away from you is your brakes. Your pads should regularly be inspected. Don’t wait until they are completely shot. If you do, you will wear out your brakes and have to replace them altogether. Routinely inspecting brakes is a preventative measure that will help you make the brakes last longer. If you hear any shuddering or vibrating, you should take it in immediately.

Cars require all kinds of attention. If you want your vehicle to last longer, you should look after it. Routinely get your car checked out, get an oil change, watch the fluids, maintain your transmission, and check your brakes. The most important thing is that you keep it in mind. Don’t just allow your car to depreciate. If you show care and get the things done you need to do, your car will last longer and you will be able to get more out of it if you choose to sell. These five car maintenance tasks are vital, but make sure that you are paying attention to them in general. Even getting it washed helps. Whatever kind of car you have, show it respect and you will be able to keep in great shape longer.

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