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Floyd Mayweathers 2 Bugatti Veyron’s Are Up For Sale

Floyd Mayweather is a household boxing name, famed for his materialism and love of money. ‘Money’ is his moniker after all. At least we can appreciate where he spends his cash, as Mayweather boasts an awesome car collection that has some of the best supercars available today – and two of them just went up for sale. Both his Bugatti Veyron’s are up for sale for a cool $6.4 million combined.

2 Bugatti Veyron’s Are Up For Sale

Sporting both the 2011 Grand Sport and the 2015 Grand Sport Vitesse, the listing also boasts the fact that neither car has passed the 1000 mile mark. Luxury Auto Collection is responsible for the listing, based in Scottsdale Arizona.

The 2011 model has a pearl white matte finish with nary a mark on it and sports 1,000 bhp. That’s some serious power. We’ve known about the incredible performance of Bugatti’s cars for some time, but seeing them on a listing is still surprising. The 2011 is going for the asking price of £2.45 million, which honestly isn’t a bad price considering the condition of the car and it’s previous owner.

The 2015 model has a higher, 1200 horses behind the engine, and has a beautiful satin black finish over carbon fibre, and orange trim interior. It’s also going for $3.95 million. This is a stellar collection, and the fact that Mayweather owned them both surely affects their value. For those who have everything, this serves not only as an extravagant purchase but also a collectors item. There are only 150 of them worldwide, so this is a big deal. Mayweather will still no doubt be happy with his remaining exotic collection, which includes cars from Koenigsegg, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Atrocious Fuel Consumption

Obviously, these cars are showpieces, and shouldn’t be considered practical roadsters. The fuel consumption is atrocious and there’s little to no storage space. But if practicality is your priority, you already know this isn’t the car for you. If your car broke down, auto repair firms like the Bridgestone car service would raise an eyebrow and welcome the challenge, but you’d be looking at a premium price. No, these are cars for the boxer who goes 49-0, or the adventurer who just can’t say no to adrenaline. Bugatti’s have a top speed of 254 mph, so that should speak for itself.

You can also find this listing on eBay. The bidding war near the end of the time limit might get nasty though, and in bigger increments than usual so be careful. eBay will be getting a hefty service payment for this listing too, as they’ve proven themselves to be one of the best websites to sell used cars.

It’s unclear whether or not these Bugatti’s will be sporting the ‘Money Mayweather’ tag Floyd likes to emboss his vehicles with, but it’s a likelihood. This will no doubt increase the value of the vehicles even if it’s not to your personal taste.

It will be interesting to see who purchases these vehicles, and if they tinker with their aesthetic. It’s a shame to see cars of such power with such few road miles, so here’s hoping the vehicles are won by a serious motor-nut.

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