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The Ford Mustang Bullitt Is Coming To The UK

The UK Has Always Felt Left Out Of  The Mustang Party, But Thats About To Change

The Ford Mustang was a resounding success when it finally came to the UK in 2015, but sadly we only got two versions of the classic American muscle car, the rather asthmatic 2.3 litre ecoboost or the standard 5.0 litre V8. Meanwhile in the USA they saw the incredible GT350R and the GT500, cars capable of taking on much tougher competition like the BMW M4 and Nissan GTR. When the Mustang Bullitt edition was announced at the Detroit Auto show earlier this year it seemed it would be the same again, the US gets the full fat big kahuna whilst the UK gets left out in the cold, but it was recently announced at the Geneva Motor Show that this wouldn’t be the case – Ford Mustang Bullitt UK.

Ford Mustang Bullitt UK

The First Special Edition Mustang For The European Market

The Ford Mustang Bullitt was shown off at the Swiss show and is being built to celebrate 50 years of the Steve McQueen classic film. The Mustang Bullitt will be the first special edition Mustang built for the European market, featuring an enhanced version of the 5.0 litre V8 with an open air induction system and intake manifold along with 87mm throttle bodies and the same powertrain control module as the fantastic GT350. These upgrades give the Bullitt Mustang 458BHP, 14 more than the standard Mustang, but interestingly 17 less than the US spec Bullitt Mustang which is likely caused by stiffer European emissions regulations.

Ford Mustang Bullitt UK

A Complete Throwback, 50 Years After The Original Roared Its Way Into Our Hearts

The Ford Mustang Bullitt finally brings back the classic dark highland green of the original movie car, but is also available in shadow black. The Mustang Bullitt also comes with the exclusive gunmetal finished Torq Thrust alloy wheels and red Brembo brake callipers. On the inside the Mustang Bullitt is a familiar place with many of the same trim colours as the standard Mustang, apart from the machine gunning of Bullitt badges adorning many of the panels from the door sills to the dashboard. what stands out however is the white ball gear stick reminiscent of the 1968 Ford Mustang used in the film. Tech wise the Bullitt Mustang features a 12 inch touchscreen, 1000 watt Bang and Olufsen 12 speaker PLAY audio system and Fords new rev match technology which will rev the engine during downshifts making the shift smoother in the process.

Ford Mustang Bullitt UK – Keeping The Mustang In The Family

To unveil the new Ford Mustang Bullitt the company enlisted the help of Steve McQueen’s grandchildren Chase and Madison McQueen to star in their own Bullitt style film. “At home we’re surrounded by memorabilia and reminders of our grandfather’s role in ‘Bullitt’, and we’ve watched the film more times than I can remember, so to be a part of the launching the third generation Mustang Bullitt here in Europe has been a special experience,” said Chase McQueen The McQueen estate also auctioned off the first of the Bullitt Mustangs VIN 001 for charity raising $300,000.

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Ford Mustang Bullitt UK Gallery

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