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Four Mistakes People Make with a Windshield Replacement

Windshields are one of the most critical yet most vulnerable parts of a vehicle. Most of the time, windshields get cracks when foreign objects accidentally hit the surface. Broken windshields, as many would know, can be very dangerous as visible cracks can obscure the vision of the driver, disabling them from correctly seeing the road obstructions and signal lights when driving.

Despite all the warnings that traffic authorities make regarding car safety, many people ignore this problem because they think that a windshield replacement is too costly. Replacing a damaged windshield is one of the most value-adding methods people can do to protect themselves, their family, and their loved ones from possible vehicular accidents.

If your windshield has been broken for some reason, make sure to avoid the following mistakes people make when replacing windshields:

1) Doing nothing at all

People who have windshield problems often perceive that replacing their windshields is expensive. They question if the investment is worth pursuing. Most of the time, with the many misconceptions that cloud their decision making, they prefer to ignore the problem.

Assuming that having a windshield replacement is expensive is in itself a mistake. Some states in the USA have free windshield replacement laws put into place. This means that car owners who live in such states can claim a no deductible windshield replacement without paying anything.

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Delaying the replacement could result in more significant damages in your windshield over time. As your windshield has a heavy-duty function when you drive, small cracks can become bigger without your knowledge and might compromise the safety of your driving.

2)Repairing windshields instead of replacing them

Countless do-it-yourself items on the market that are supposed to fix broken windshields promise a temporary solution to your windshield problem. However, like what they promise, these solutions are only temporary as these don’t solve the main problem of broken windshields – the cracks that obstruct the driver’s vision. These products even generate a more significant problem as the substances don’t remove the cracks in reality; instead, they just keep the glass together and leave the cracks as they are.

Sometimes, car owners use adhesives and clear nail polish to repair their windshields. However, these do not hold long and may even tarnish the transparency of the glass. In the long run, dust and dirt can get through the spaces beneath the adhesives. Sooner or later, misguided car owners will have to reapply these products on the windshield, incurring more costs on their part.

3) Replacing the windshields without assistance from a knowledgeable professional

Do-it-yourself videos and articles on windshield replacement and repair have circulated the Internet. Little do viewers know that the instructions were crafted in such a way that the process of replacing windshields can look simple. However, they must be wary that the method of handling the parts, most especially the glass, would require utmost care and attention.

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This is why car owners need the help of a professional in installing a new windshield – to ensure that the windshield is fixed correctly and carefully. Furthermore, the process might call for special tools and equipment that only the professionals have. Following this tip can save you from greater damages during the replacement, hence fewer expenses for you.

4) Not caring for the newly installed windshield

It’s a misconception for people to immediately rush and take the car out for a test drive or a car wash only hours after the replacement. Surely, it would be exciting to drive after having a major repair in your car, but you must understand that replacing your windshield with a new one would not make it robust right away. To ensure the safety of your next trip and that the windscreen sticks durably to the frame, you have to give the adhesives some time to dry and hold the glass in place.

The following measures can protect the new windshield:

Stay put. Do not drive your car during the first few hours after the new windshield has been put into place. This would prevent the wind pressure from pushing against the newly installed windshield while the adhesives are still drying.

Be gentle on the doors. Slamming the doors can shake up the windshield and may cause the windshield to dislodge or fall off.

Avoid automatic power car wash. The machines in automatic car washes can be too strong that it may damage your newly replaced windshield. Should you need to wash the car, opt for a regular and gentle handwash instead.

Every part of a car, especially the windshield, is essential to the safety of its users. Windshields, when broken, may lead to bigger damages to life and property, in the same way carelessness and improper windshield replacement can result in more headaches and expenses. Caring for your car indeed calls for your immediate action that is guided by the knowledge of professionals whenever necessary.

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