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Furious 7 Review

Like many others, I have been waiting for the release of Furious 7 ever since the closing moments of the Fast & Furious 6. As we are all aware, losing Paul Walker in November 2013 was a real shake up in the Fast & Furious franchise. I know I, along with all the other Fast & Furious fans, was keen to see Paul’s last ever performance in what has to be the best Fast film yet. And from the interviews I’ve seen online, I’m aware that Paul’s comments to his colleagues after leaving every previous film premiere was ‘the best one is still in the can’. This is the one

The Furious 7 film was 85% complete at the point of Paul Walker’s death. This changed everything about the film. As a tribute to Paul Walker the cast and crew wanted to ensure that Paul’s character Brian O’Connor’s got an appropriate send off. The remainder of Paul Walker’s scenes were done by using both of Paul Walker brothers, Caleb and Cody, as doubles, as well as CGI using a mixture of previous videos and audio from the previous films and interviews.

The plot

Jason Statham plays Deckard Shaw who is after Dominic Torretto and family for revenge from putting his brother, Owen Shaw, in hospital in Fast & Furious 6. Deckard Shaw is hunting down the Torretto family whilst Dom and his crew are trying to protect themselves and find a solution to stop him for good at the same time. Along the way the Fast family unite when they meet a shady government official called “Mr. Nobody” who needs assistance to capture a computer terrorism program called God’s Eye, which can turn any electrical device into a tracker. In exchange for capturing the device Mr. Nobody offers his assistance to stop Deckard Shaw for good.

Furious 7 Review

In my opinion Furious 7 is the best film yet. If you watch the film expecting Fast and Furious’ over the top the action scenes and crazy car chases, alongside lots of explosions, then you wont be disappointed.

The ending

Credit to everyone involved in creating the perfect ending for Brian O’Conner’s character in the Furious 7 film. Without giving away any spoilers, I don’t think that there could be a better ending to this film. Brian is sent off with the most dignified of endings that both tributes Paul Walker, but also is fitting and relevant to the character that has developed over the years

The Cars

The real reason that we watch Fast & Furious is for the bespoke and highly modified cars. The Furious 7 film will not let you down, there are a selection of insanely modified and rare cars in this film. A few of my favourites are Brian’s Subaru Impreza WRX STI, the supercars in Abu Dhabi including the McLaren 12c, Bugatti Veyron, Lykan HyperSport and don’t forget the customised off road cars that dropped out of the sky.

The Tribute

The most impressive tribute for Paul Walker I have seen is the feature song from the film. Take a look at this video below sung by Wiz Khalifa. The music video is pretty much a summary of the end of the film and a montage of some of Paul’s highlights from the Fast franchise. The song is truly tear jerking and just 3 weeks into the film being released it has received over 75 million views on You Tube. Incredible.

Will there be a Fast and Furious 8?

With Furious 7 being the highest grossing Fast film ever, surely there can’t be any reason for there not being a Fast and Furious 8. I know that Universal Pictures have, quite rightly, taken a moment to show this film, Furious 7, to be a tribute to Paul Walker, and I don’t want to take away from the moment by talking about the sequel just yet. But from watching the film the storyline can go on, the fans want more, and I’m sure Paul Walker would not want the fun to stop either.

Furious 7 Trailer

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