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Getting Your Car Detailing Right: Top 10 DIY Tips

A car is a great investment that needs the best care. So often you find yourself shopping for the best cleaning solutions that you can use to detail your car the right way. At times, it’s all about the tips that you use and not necessarily the cleaners. A proper car detail gives you the assurance that your car is not only clean but also looking great and well protected.

Here are 10 auto detailing DIY tips to use:

1) Use the Ideal Soap on the Body

Do not treat the body of your car as a kitchen utensil by using dish soap on it. You should buy a car cleaning soap from your local auto shop and use it. You can also use the soap to clean the wheels.

Turtle Wax 102) Clean with the Right Wash Mitt

The wash mitt refers to the material that you use to scrub the body of your car. Most car owners like using wool mitts and sponges, but they should be avoided. The two have the habit of holding onto the dirt. Instead, use a microfiber wash mitt.

3) Reach for the Vents with a Sponge Brush

The wash mitt may not clean the hard-to-reach areas such as the vents. You need to get an affordable sponge brush. It’s not only easy to use but effective too.

4) Get an Extra Washing Bucket

Two washing buckets allow you to put the soapy cleaning water in one and the clean rinsing water in the other. You can dunk your wash mitt into the soapy water without contaminating the rinsing water.

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5) Use Toothpaste for the Headlights

If your headlights are looking cloudy, you can make your own DIY cleaner using toothpaste. You just need to apply the paste on the headlights and use a toothbrush to scrub it off. This will make the headlights sparkle like new ones.

6) Clear the Wiper Streaks

Cleaning the windshield may leave wiper streaks. To avoid them, you need to remove the dislodged dirt from the wiper using a toothpick. This has to be done before the cleaning. In case you forgot, you can still wipe away the streaks using vinegar and newspaper.

7) Remove Pet Hair

The most effective approach is vacuuming. There are budget-friendly options that you can use to get rid of the allergens. This will ensure that your car interior is spotless.

8) Remove Dust with Compressed Air

To remove the dust and dirt from the nooks and gaps, you should apply compressed air. You can invest in one just by spending $100. It’s necessary if you are planning to detail the car more often.

9) Proper Drying

It’s important that your car id dried before using it. The best materials for drying it are microfiber towels and plush cloth.

10) Sample

Lastly, you need to improve the scent inside your car. You should buy an organic air freshener or make your own using essential oils and spray it.

Clearly, auto detailing is an involving process. Nevertheless, a DIY approach is cost-saving since you don’t pay anyone to do anything. In addition, you are able to detail the car how you please.

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