Goodwood Revival 2016 32

Glorious Goodwood Revival 2016 Spectacular

The Goodwood Revival has been one of the world’s top historic racing events for many years and this year they certainly did not disappoint. This year they celebrated the 19th edition of the event located at the quaint setting of West Sussex, on the Goodwood estate.


With the weekend going from torrential rain to scorching sunshine, it made for an action-packed weekend, and I would even say more so than many events I have previously attended.


Goodwood Revival 2016 – Modern With the Historic 

The Revival joins the modern with the historic, not only with the vehicles, but also with every aspect from fashion to the drivers. With modern-day champions joining motoring legends on the same circuit, battling wheel against wheel, getting a little close at times with tussles and spin-offs, which is concern giving the little runoff that Goodwood provides, but nevertheless, they dusted themselves off and carried on with the roaring crowds cheering along.


Great Atmosphere

The atmosphere is something unlike any event I’ve experienced, everyone is fully immersed into their roles as post-war characters and enjoying every aspect of this era for a weekend. From the moment you walked in the main gates, you were bombarded with memories of England’s 1966 World Cup win as they celebrated the half-century anniversary.


Historic racing does not proceed to teach modern racing a lesson – so much has changed over the years, mainly for the best – but this is something that should be enjoyed in its own right as a revival of the past and not a comparison to the future.

Photography by: Ashleigh Hartwell

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