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Hamilton Leaves A Mark On Kenya: Just How Big Is F1 Growing In Africa?

Rather than spending his entire time cooped up in a luxury 5-star hotel. Instead, Lewis Hamilton chose to spend his Formula One summer break on a whirlwind tour of Africa, at one point visiting a remote region of Kenya. He explained that he wanted to travel to Africa to trace his routes and discover his origins.

While there are no regular fixtures on the Formula One calendar that currently take place in Africa, the sport is rapidly growing in popularity on the continent. At the time of writing, Africa as a whole doesn’t yet have the infrastructure or finance to host an F1 Grand Prix. However, things are on the up, and one or more African nations could one day end up playing host to Formula One much sooner than you think.

Is Formula One Big In Africa?

Formula 1 is becoming more popular by the year in Africa, but it doesn’t look like any African nation will soon be hosting a Formula 1 event. Some have suggested that with the right money and infrastructure, it could be as little as five years away before the F1 is hosted in Africa. The last time a Grand Prix was held in Africa was in 1993 in South Africa. The winner of this race was Alain Prost of France. In second place was the late Ayrton Senna from Brazil, and in third place was the United Kingdom’s, Mark Blundell.

It looks as though the next Formula 1 race that takes place in Africa will also be in South Africa. More people are tuning in to watch Formula One races than ever before, and betting on F1 races is also now extremely popular in several African nations. For online sports betting in Kenya, one of the most trusted sites to visit in 2022 is 10bet Africa.

Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE, better known as Lewis Hamilton, who has also been knighted (known as Knight Batchelor) by the queen of England, is also a member of the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng). He is more commonly recognised around the world as one of the best Formula One racing drivers in history.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has been in pole position 103 times, winning all 103 races. He has been on the podium a whopping 188 times, and some of his most notable victories occurred at the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship and the Formula One World Constructors’ Championship. He has also received the DHL Fastest Lap award on several occasions, along with the FIA Pole Trophy/Pirelli Pole Position Award, the Hawthorn Memorial Trophy, and the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy.

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The 37-year-old was born in January 1985 in Stevenage, which is in Hertfordshire, England, and he is known for driving for the Mercedes team. He recently spent his Formula One summer break in a whirlwind tour of Africa to trace his roots and discover his origins, and at one point, he visited a remote region of Kenya close to the lesser-known Pokot people, where he was seen singing, dancing and interacting with the friendly people.

He is heavily involved in activism and philanthropy, and some of the main areas include racism, diversity, human rights, animal rights, and the environment. You can stay up to date with Lewis Hamilton over on his official social media pages, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also learn more about the F1 champion by visiting the official Formula One website.

Can Lewis Hamilton Encourage More African People To Get Involved In The Sport?

It certainly can’t do any damage to the sport. Having people like Lewis Hamilton and other famous drivers visiting Africa is a great start to promoting the sport on the continent. If the right people invest in the sport, there’s no reason why it can’t become as popular as it is in other countries around the world. It does look as though more people are focussing their efforts on expanding the sport in Africa, but only time will tell if their efforts will pay off.

Other Popular Sports In Africa

In addition to Formula One’s growing popularity in Africa, some of the other popular sports on the continent that you can watch and place bets on are football, especially European football, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, and Serie A. Rugby Union and Rugby League are also extremely popular, along with running/athletics, cricket and cycling. eSports, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and rallying are also very popular in Africa, which may surprise some of you.

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