Handy Tips for Choosing Used Cars in Salinas

With the cost of living being ever on the rise, the auto industry is witnessing an increased demand for second-hand cars. Buying used cars can go a long way towards saving you cash in comparison with brand new. The second-hand market offers you a wide variety of choices, whether you are after a dream machine or a cheap run-around.

With all the murky stories out there, coupled with hard-nosed sales agents, finding the right used cars in salinas can prove to be a minefield. How much a second-hand vehicle is going to cost will depend on the kind of car you get. Nevertheless, there is a number of ways you can reduce this bill. Here is a quick guide to help you find the best-used car dealerships and minimize the odds of nasty surprises.

Get Year Old Cars

Statistics do not lie, and in this instance, they show that year old car would have depreciated by at least 27 percent. For example, when the value of a car is $27,500, it will cost approximately about $20,000 by the time it clocks a year. But by the second year, this depreciation will slow to about half. It means the car will only lose about $3,750 of its value.

If you wish to dramatically slash the upfront cost, you should consider picking a car in the first year. However, plush models are exceptions to this piece of statistics. Brands such as Porsche and Mercedes tend to hold their value more than other brands. Therefore, you will see a minimum of year old luxury vehicle bargains in the market.

Get Cheaper Brands to Run

You do not have to use up your time and effort trying to work out the cheapest cars to run. Car experts have been doing this over years. If you are searching online, you should consider talking to one of the sales representatives for the second-hand car companies.

Another alternative would be to use sites such as Parkers to compare the cost of running different car models. To home in the cheapest cars, you may want to follow the tips below:

Smaller engines are relatively cheaper. The difference between a 1.0cc and 2.0cc engines is not just about horsepower. Large engines typically burn more gas than smaller ones. If fuel is one of the important factors, engine size should be a vital consideration.

Petrol engines are a cheaper choice. For the most part, diesel engines are more economical than petrol ones. However, this does not necessarily make diesel a better choice. Most of those cars are costlier and will cost more at the gas station than petrol.

Manual cars are cost-friendly. Switching between gears is a tiring exercise. Automatic cars will take this hassle out of your driving but cost you more to buy.

Hybrid cars: cheaper to run, costlier to buy. The advancement in technology has seen the release of modern hybrid cars in different shapes and sizes. The cars have great fuel economy plus cheap or no tax rates. In addition, they hold their resale value. This makes the cars costlier to purchase.

There are many other factors you can look into when you want to buy used cars in salinas. These are just to get you started as you determine your needs.

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