Lotus Evora 400 3

The hardcore Lotus Exige S Now Comes with an Auto Gearbox

Lotus are well known for making hardcore, true to the road sports cars. But it’s quite rare for them to use automatic gearboxes.

Lotus has just released the Exige S with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. This will open this super fast sports car up to the people who simply don’t want the hassle of a harsh manual gearbox.

Looking over the stats, the automatic box is just as fast as the manual on the track, and from 0-60mph it is 0.1 second quicker (3.8 seconds). Every little counts. Would you go for the manual or the automatic?

Performance Figures

0-60mph                                            3.8 s
0-100kph                                           3.9 s
0-100mph (0-160kph)                      9.2 s
Max speed                                        162mph; 261kph
Power                                                345bhp;
Power to Weight                               292 hp/tonne
Torque                                                295 lbft; 400 Nm
Kerbweight                                        1182 kg


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