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Here’s What Your Two-wheeler Says About You

‘The bike you ride has a lot of things to say about you.’

Bikes are not just automobiles that help you commute. A relationship of a bike rider with his beloved bike is more than just a bond. Be it any kind; every bike has a story to tell about you, your experiences, your struggles and your journeys.

Everyone has a different choice and opinion about which bike they prefer to ride based on their personality traits. Here’s a list of some types of bikes and what they say about their owners.


Beasts on the roads’ is a quote best suited for cruisers. These bikes are easiest to spot due to their looks and the sound they make. They consist of bikes by Harley-Davidson, Royal Enfield, or even the Avenger series by Bajaj.

Owning a cruiser shows that you are a powerful person both physically and intellectually. It reflects your confidence, headstrong attitude and your independent qualities. The empty highways are your paradise, and you love to take long strides in covering the miles, no matter what hardships lay ahead.


Scooters today are amongst the best-selling two-wheelers in India. Considered a great option for manoeuvring down narrow streets with high traffic, scooters are really good for driving around towns. Moreover, scooters require low-maintenance and provide good mileage, which means owning a scooter is easy on your pocket.

If you own a scooter, it means you are an easy-going and friendly person who gets along with everyone. People may find you a bit dull at first, but once they get to know your fun side, they are easily attracted to you.

Sports Bike

As the name suggests, a sports bike is all about speed and good looks. The aggressive stance and low-slung handlebars of these bikes aid in aerodynamics for high-speed. If you own a sports bike, it shows your aggressive attitude towards life. You like meeting challenges head-on and like to enjoy things on edge.

Dual Sport

A perfect mix of dirt bike and sports bike, dual sports bikes allow you the enjoyment of riding on both pavements and dirt roads. If you own a dual sport, it shows that you are an all-rounder. You love both speed and obstacles, you like cruising fast through open highways and love climbing through the mountainous terrains. They reflect your persona of taking on risks and fighting through obstacles.


The most common bikes of them all, commuters like Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache, Honda CB Shine and so forth are your everyday companion. These bikes help you scrub through high traffic to reach office on time, they cover long-distances on less fuel consumption and are easy on your pockets.

A commuter shows your easy-going attitude, simplicity and lack of awareness to what others have to say about you. It shows that you are a very practical person and like to invest in things that you need. They also explain your sober demeanour and your ability to get along with others.  


If we talk about naked street fighters, Indian streets are no stranger to the likes of KTM Duke, Yamaha MT-03 and BMW G310R. This genre of bikes offers you everything that a sports bike has without excessive fairing. This sports bike lets you ride comfortably in busy city roads and offer you a high acceleration in case you want to lay off some steam.

Just like this bike, you are also insane in your way. You love the thrills that life has to offer, and you love the kick that you get while speeding through the streets. It shows that you live by the cliché “You Only Live Once’ quote. You are also extremely imaginative; sometimes while driving the bike you imagine yourself in Road Rash game, speeding suddenly and slowing on a whim.

There’s a lot that can be said about your personality, with a simple glance of your ride. Be it the colour, the condition or the way it has been used; a bike has so many revelations to make. Take bike insurance for instance. If you take adequate care of your bike and have purchased a comprehensive motorbike insurance cover for the same, you do come across as a thoughtful person who takes pride in his belongings and would go to any extent to protect them.

Staying on the topic of bike insurance, most insurers nowadays provide hassle-free bike insurance purchase and online bike insurance renewal, which makes it relatively easy to protect your bike against any harm including legal liabilities and post-accidental charges. So, keep your best companion in the condition it’s meant to be kept and let it tell your glorious tales. Happy riding!

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